subaru r160 vs r180. Code Model Range 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Rev. The discrepancy is taken care of in the center differential which has a 1. 98 Next product SUBARU 1992-2001 Impreza WRX STi (GC8) / 2002-2007 WRX (GD) with R180 Differential Conversion 500HP Rear Axles (new price) $ 1,429. Some other information: R180 diffs are stronger than the smaller r160 units. Go search for LifelessVet's awesome members journal and experiences with RWD R160 action, or STi 6-speed RWD. I'm not seeing any plates on either and I'm not sure what side to start stripping that god awful just asking. Driveshaft Shop Automatic or with 6-Speed Conversion (R160 Rear) 1-Piece Carbon Fiber Driveshaft - WRX 2002-2007. But if you got an R180 out of a Z car it would physically bolt into a Subaru. Manley H-Tuff Plus Rods (EJ20, EJ25) Now Only $820. This happened with less than 300 w. AFAIK, Subaru used the R160 right from the EA71 series up to present as their default rear diff - so swapping in an R180 should potentially be possible for anything from the early '70s up to today. R160 and R180 are similar sized in regards to mounting, if memory serves, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue. I found a really good deal on a carbonetics LSD for my r160. Torq Master Industries out of the USA are an established brand that have made a name for themselves building automatic diff lockers, and now they have released the very first diff locker for a Subaru R160 rear differential. Convert the 6MT center differential from 1. I know there is a high demand for something in the Subaru community and couldn't see why the venture wouldn't result in a profit. The spider gears break and then get chewed up through the gears. With my custom Hybrid Races – you can upgrade any of those, and keep you cost down by keeping your . The stock WRX 5MT drive shaft may also be modified (will need to be shortened) to fit as well. With the amount of power being made, and the ability to get the 3. Rear Diff Differential Driveshaft Seals R160 R180 Fit Subaru Impreza Turbo 92-14 . And to spot the difference between R160 and R180 is put them side by side, one's bigger than the other # 13 27-03-2011, 11:26 AM Plated LSD is NOT the same as a Torsen Helical. Very creative name, the R180 is a direct fit onto any AWD subaru X member, just need to have the proper axels and driveshaft (or custom drill small pattern R160 driveshaft bolt pattern into the R180 flange- easy to do). com sells the parts that let you use R180 inner CV joints and the R160 outer CV joints if you want to use the R180 rear end and not swap over to the R180 hubs/brakes. Not interchangeable between any other cars. One Bolt Identification: Scroll Down for Fitment Information Reviews: Subaru Year: 2003. The N3 road is a national primary road in the Republic of Ireland, running between Dublin, Cavan and the border with County Fermanagh. I’ve worked on cars with over 300 HP and the R160 with a clutch LSD holds it. R160's are on everything from late 70's EA81s to brand new WRXs. R160 vs R180 vs R200 diff comparison Posted on May 16, 2013 by Iggy Not sure where I got this image from but here's a good image showing the differences between an R160 (left), R180. stating that his gear ratio is 3. Rear Diff Differential Driveshaft Seals R160 R180 Fit Subaru. But, if you're going STi the hubs, axles and suspension all need to be investigated and sorted. The r160 is a general fitment in all . Can you transplant r160 or r180 into WRX? Click to expand The 2008+ WRX is an R160, just like previous generations, just absent the VLSD. TORQ Locker TL-R1605B Subaru R160 Five subaru rear differential Subaru R180 Differential Rebuild - YouTube subaru rear differential 2008 2014 Subaru Impreza . Anyone know if we have an r180 or r160? For the r160's gear ratio you just have to pull your ring gear off and transfer it. The Subaru SVX is the Japanese automaker's foray into the grand touring coupe market. CV joints have an angle advantage over the older (but slightly stronger) U-joints, but they still have their limitations. As for the half shafts the R180 is 1 inch wider than the stock 510 R160. Differential side axles that allow the installation of a Subaru WRX STi R180 LSD differential into a Datsun S30 or 510 using the stock Ujoint halfshafts or WCR CV Axle kit. alex_umm, the rear diff that came out of your SVX is the same as the one from the '91 Legacy, both R160. Internal splines are the same, but driveshaft bolt pattern is not. All the other cars have an R160 (except for 1. Any Center Diff or Transmission mods: High stall torque converter, built valve body, VTD center diff swap. - R180 Diff has a differnt driveshaft than R160 (for 5mt). Yeah the R32 and R33 had the R180 in them. if you have a 5mt and want to use a R180 rear diff you have 3 options: 1. Alright, I have looked into several posts. New ring and pinion gears to upgrade the stock WRX R160 rear differential to 3. The R160 uses smaller spline count in the rear hubs. This is based on USDM production. or overall aggressive driving to ensure LSD and nal drive longevity. Manley H-Tuff Plus Rods +2mm (EJ20, EJ25) Now Only $820. The off road Subaru community has been asking for a rear diff locker for years, and the time has final come. Any R180 axle will work with R180 hubs and any R180 diff. You could have just swapped in an entire R160 off another model for much cheaper as long as it had the correct diff ratio. R180 are different lengths and the 5spd vs. Working on the r160's now! 5 . The way to look at axles is by R180 vs. The Nissan R160, R180, R200 Differential Carriers have the answer in the name. That got me thinking if it is possible to fabricate a 3. 11 replies; 650 views; Stoffregen Motorsports; December 4, 2021; For CV axle. You can find them from importers. The rear fits no problem but you need to swap out the pinion flange w/ one from an R160. There are other Subaru models that have an R180, as long as it;s an early model it will have 25 spline stubs. if i go with option 1 am i driving on a ticking time bomb of a diff. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 10, 2002 I know that Subaru R160 (fits the 510) LSD units were common on turbo AWD Subarus and I also know that the new WRX has an R180 LSD unit. The rear R180 uses the bigger rear axles. The Ring+pinion determine the diff ratio, the only other difference between models is that some have an lsd and some are open. I heard that you can take out the LSD unit from an early model R160 diff and it can be put directly into a solid rear end of the Datsun 1200 . True friction based LSD's were available in the 80's in the USA and some special cars JDM market only got them 90's-2000's. R180's are only on 6 speed STI's and very few JDM 5 speed STi. the inner rounded bit is actually identical between R180 and R160 so it fits proper. The R180 is the smallest boat in the Robalo line of center consoles and she is intended to compete with low price-point boats in her size range. (please compare the front and rear final drive ratios of your stock car vs. 280Z's had R200's , some had R180's. 370" Carbon Fiber shaft that is approximately 1/2 the weight of the factory 2-piece driveshaft. There are a few different differential types, and the axles need to be matched to that. Axle stubs are different so you can't use R160 axles in an R180. The diffs are all the same length from the axle to the rear cover. It wouldn't be an R160 or R180 though, those are much too weak for a RWD car. 2013 Subaru BRZ Limited -- SOLD 2002 Subaru WRX Bugeyebrid Wagon -- SOLD 2002 Subaru WRX Sedan -- SOLD. And I can produce SUbaru technician literature that supports it. How did you get the 4EAT Legacy driveshaft to mate up with the STi R180 differential input/companion flange? The Legacy 4EAT has an R160 diff, which has a smaller bolt pattern on the diff companion flange than the STi R180. To swap in an r180 would run a couple hundred more. Also if you want to keep the mounting strap underneath, it needs to be notched to fit properly. its big, dosnt fit in your subaru without a guy+welder+metal fab shop. similar yes, the nissan 720 truck I have the housing "look" similar but its actually larger then the subaru housing, also it has bolt up flanges at the diff. 70, it mates to the WRX 5 sp manual with a center diff ratio of 1. You need the same mounting hardware described above. mechanical lsd of the STi's r180 axle lengths are different than that of an STi's lastly the lgt spec B's R180 has a 3. The diff name refers to the size of the ring gear. The machine shop that I go to for most of my custom fabrication needs has all the equipment. I was semi-aware of the R180 going in the STi, but figure those ones will be ridiculous money if they turn up, hence why I'm looking into interchange. The real decision to a 6MT swap is the rear differential, as going with the R180, though the "better" choice, raises the costs significantly as you need to use the entire rear end consisting of the STi driveshaft, STi rear half shafts, Sti rear hubs, and STi. 整備手帳 スバル インプレッサ スポーツワゴン WRX [GF]. My old diff was an RX turbo R160, bolts straight in, but sadly I've broken the LSD housing itself. which yr did the diff come off? i thought only the GDB (MY01 onward STIs) came with R180 # 3 06-12-2005, 09:37 AM. The r180 does look simular to the stock subaru diff as long as we can get the axles to fit this does look doable. Those LSD's will fit any R160 Subaru if you get the right one ( get ahold of Cusco ). The spline count on the hubs of the STi rear axles are the same count as the front axles. It seems that the downside of the r160 is the spider gears - which a real LSD replaces. About Swapping-out The R180 In The 240Z - For An R200 LSD From A 300ZX. The 1-piece driveshaft for the Subaru WRX is a complete 2. TORQ Locker 1 Bolt or 5 Bolt: 5bolt. ) than changing the drive ratio of the differentials. This was confirmed on a LGT that had a 6spd swap done, they used the spec b axles and r180 diff and it mated up to the r160 hubs and r180. The R160 could be swapped out for a R180 or R190 with no rework of the rear subframe or front diff mount. Save Reply Brydon Registered 1998 Forester on Orange 57F Joined May 23, 2006. I've worked on cars with over 300 HP and the R160 with a clutch LSD holds it. I'm also using an RS rear subframe, which does hold the R180 just fine. Differential and stub axles - Subaru R160 (mine from a Legacy, with a 3. Subaru is listing the AA000 flange for the specB vs. Hi, like to know the different for R160 & R180 If I purchase the LSD for R160, in near future upgrade to R180 axles, will the LSD fix? 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful A: This unit is designed to work in JDM 1993-2000 WRX and STi, along with USDM WRX 2002+. This was confirmed on a LGT that had a 6spd swap done, they used the spec b axles and r180 diff and it mated up to the r160 hubs and r180 . The final drive for the front wheels is 3. im not sure about the 74 260z, but i would think it was also R200. 900 07 USDM Sti 6 speed: into wrx-transmission-driveshaft-6 speed shifter and assembly****-6-speed clutch fork and slave cylinder for 2007 sti R160 rear diff. Not to mention the 3:90 ring and pinion set from Subaru is around $400 + installation (should be done by a professional, a lot of variables involved!). There's the issue with pull-type vs push type clutches and I don't know what has which and what it takes to get one to work with a car that had the other type. 0vyei, shkv, 9p9pf, qhlg, aoe2, vi38, d08ec, 9bp8p, ny9cw, wfni5, 5mqt, cmcw, di8s, oo9gc, za6jl, id3a, 201ya, 9xdhl, 6qiyq, x0w7, ga64, qob3y, eyxhk, 7l74h, shces. Its just the internet dude, its not real. 5‐Bolt for MANUAL transmission. I plan on doing all the bushings and having the rear shocks rebuilt but I'm stuck on which route to go for an LSD. 90 No LSD R180, Nissan 720 4x4 pickup (early 1980s) front diff Ratios 4. does any one know the part number which tells you the difference between the R160 and the R180. I have an 89 300ZX, and I was doing some work on it the other day and it occured to me that the carrier looked very similar to the Subaru R160 . Having no idea where to look, I see some STI R180's on ebay for $600-1000. Then, hopefully the splines are the same between that diff and the Navara diff. I have read a bit about how CV's have less rotational inertia, and have less vibration at higher speeds. The 1-piece carbon shaft features larger, replaceable u-joints and can handle about 850WHP and 180 MPH. Kahlil Ognelodh and 13 others like this. The R160 diff will not take high h. R160- Depending on your choice of 6mt, you may need to change the ratio in your R160 to coordinate to the final drive of the 6mt. the R160 has a 160mm ring gear and the R180 has a stronger 180mm ring gear. I seem to recall it being mentioned to be Toyota piece, but I could be wrong. So if they are both upgraded to a clutch LSD the 180 may not hold any more power. All 3 of these are the same length, they just differ in diameter. RX turbo diffs are impossible to find . Type Subaru Gearbox Info 6MT (85mm). But I've looked into it and it is very possible. You can however get the long nose, but in a 3. And then there are R180 Suretracs (ADM GDB my01-my04) and R180 Torsen Helical (ADM GDB my07 and ADM GRA/GRB my08 - my11) Plate LSDs. How can I tell which diff is fitted to my '98 Type R V Limited. The 1-piece driveshaft for the Subaru WRX STi is a complete 6061-T6 3″ aluminum shaft that is approximately 1/2 the weight of the factory 2-piece driveshaft. Did Subaru make a R180 Limited Slip Differential?. yes, stock for stock 09+ WRX will rip any stock LGT in any straight line race. 90:1 final drive, while the 06 WRX has a 3. The TL-R1605B TORQ Locker is for Five Bolt Open Differentials. The "R" series of differentials (R100 through R500) are made by Hitachi and are used by a number of Japanese and European vehicle manufacturers. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. So I hate to admit it but I’m just not finding the answers I need in the search. Also, this thread is not for debating R160 vs R180 vs R200 or anything like that, so keep it out. Only STi cars had R180s so the beefiness is consistent. #16 · Mar 18, 2013 (Edited) regarding the older Z car diffs - the 240Z is a R180, but the 280Z (1975+) use R200. 3 replies; 288 views; iceman510; November 30, 2021. Andrewtech Automotive Solutions. But then you still have to chop or get custom axles to switch over to the Subaru design. Newer nut includes a flange that elinates the need for a washer. STi has stronger R180 rear vs LGT R160, and the STi's torque sensing diffs front and rear as well as an active electronic center diff are vastly superior to the LGT front open diff, rear viscous, center viscous. Actually, I may be wrong but I believe some STi's use an R160 rear diff. I have no clue what a JDM Sti has. All 1979-only four-speeds were mated with the R180 differential and 3. R180 is the bigger rear diff found on the STi. Subaru has always been owned by Fuji Heavy Industries which is larger than Nissan, Toyota, and Honda combined. The flange can be taken off any subaru rear diff, and be used on any other rear diff. A Torsen Helical uses planetary gears to transfer more torque to the wheel with the most grip. The R200/R180 are different because it is centered and does not have axle tubes on either side. 75″ Carbon Fiber shaft that is approximately 1/2 the weight of the factory 2-piece driveshaft. 36 is the lowest available for the R180 but more mpg gains could be had if lower ratios existed. The best way to make (any) these differentials last is to avoid shock loading and keep the axel angels to a minimum. Two types of billet aluminum anodized covers are available, blue and silver. I'm running '07 STI rear axles into my 5x100 bolt pattern setup. The R180 cross bar mounts in front of the two flat brackets behind the diff and the R200 cross bar mounts behind the the flat brackets due to the larger size of its case. These looked awesome at Boxerfest, great job guys. Complies with GC8, GDB/GGB, GRB/GVB Imprezas that are equipped with R180 rear differential carriers. Custom machined out of 4340 billet and heat treated to a hard Rockwell and then Cryo-Treated, these shafts have the Subaru 27 spline axle and the standard Datsun halfshaft. This is the R200 thread, so we assume we're only talking about how to put an R200 in. Of course, the suspensions are different, but believe it our not, pretty much the same mounting points. R160 rather than by bolt pattern. Has anyone tried one of those traction concepts lsd conversions or similar bra. R200 - rear diff from a nissan Silvia, Skyline, 300ZX. - putting axelstubs in diff and hub first before connecting makes life easier. Not to mention the 3:90 ring and pinion set from Subaru is around $400 + . If you don't follow our item condition policy for returns . Did Subaru make a R180 for the 1991 to 1994 Turbo AWD Legacy? I've heard they made a 3. or overall aggressive driving to ensure LSD and final drive longevity. r160 vs r180 Transmission (AT/MT) & Driveline. Datsun used several different sized differentials in their independent-rear-suspensioned sports cars. 11 diff isn't? Note: I live in the Northeast. 9 rear diff in R180 form, why not stick with an R180 rather than the GC R160? I mean, it's a bit cheaper if you're going with STi 5x114. The R160, R180 and R200 have found themselves in not only Datsun/Nissan vehicles, but also Subaru's. The 160 is more rectangular Subaru FSM, parts, procedures and diagnostics. 54 R200 on the left STi carrier in a Datsun R180. Someone else needs to chime in, but I'm under the impression that the R160 vs. You'd need to verify the wheels clear the STi calipers & rotors. ? i've read some threads and it seems the weak point is the spider gears in. Subaru have two standard sized diffs in resent years, one being know as the r160 and the larger Sti version r180. 1:1 and use the stock WRX R160 rear differential. R160 rear diff (02-05 wrx) 6 speed clutch and flywheel Circlips from 2004 sti, oil seals and axle stubs 1st - 3. 72 ratio ring and pinion set for the STI torsen R180. The bigger rear axles fits the bigger rear knuckles. thaks You need Sti Axles, but the good thing is, they are a direct bolt in. There are hundreds of flanges in the juck yard. - R180 GDB axels are longer than R180 GC8 to my understanding, but they work just proper (just drove home from the shop with my r180 rear end). Less weight, better gearing with 5 speed (when vs. 2019 SUBARU WRX STI 6 SPEED TRANSMISSION R180 DIFFERENTIAL 6 POT SUBARU WRX STI DIFFERENTIAL STI VERION 7 8 AND 9 R180 3. Applications: 00-04 Legacy/Outback non-brighton. Both the R160 and R180 use the same stub axles which seem to be one possible weak links. TORQ Locker for Subaru R160 5‐Bolt open differentials. Almost all foresters use an R160 rear diff (except i think the sti uses the R180). Create a free website or blog at WordPress. They are also the same width, which would allow stock axle shafts or a mix and match of axle shafts and stub shafts to get the the mounting to work out. Robalo® R180 Under Factory Soft T-Top (2012 - 2021): Custom Fit™ Boat Cover, T-Top Console/Seat Cover, Console-Cover, Robalo® R200 CC, O/B (2012. 7 ratio the long nose R180 only came in SOME 90's Maxima's. a GC8 5mt R180 driveshaft DOES exist. 90 rear diff from an 06+ STi, or get a JDM 4. How do I figure out what rear end is mated to my 5speed trans and well what trans it even is. The Legacy caliper is the same as most other 99-07 1-pot Subaru calipers so you can upsize to this rotor simply by purchasing the brackets and correct pads. Some have used the 510 U-Joint axles in GT6. 11 replies; 650 views; Stoffregen Motorsports; December 4, 2021; For CV axle conversion, who makes the best kit? By B^2, November 29, 2021. Which LSD path should I take for my 510. Maybe Datsun Z hub? Edited 3 time(s). You can use this online converter to convert any numbers or currencies into words. The 510 sedans used the R160, the early Z's used the R180, and the later Z's used the R200. Swap out the stock WRX R160 rear differential to a stock STi R180 rear differential. 44 No LSD on Datsun, Subaru Clutch type R180, 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX Ratios 3. The R160 and early R180 use the same stub axles, but the R160 has a narrower case, so it needs to use a longer dust cap flange. So if they are both upgraded to a clutch LSD the 180 . Plated LSD is NOT the same as a Torsen Helical. Subaru STI MY15+ (R180) Subaru Impreza STI MY01-14 (R180) Subaru Impreza STI w/ DCCD MY96-00 (R180) Subaru Legacy Spec B (R180) Subaru Non-STI Impreza, Legacy, Forester w/ Manual Transmission (R160) CATALOG DATA; TECHNICAL FAQ; RELATED ITEMS; What effect does changing the final drive have on the car's performance?. Drill out the R180 diff flange to 4 bolt smaller diameter pattern of the R160 driveshaft. uses a 190mm parking brake and 1-pot sliding calipers. R160 vs R180 Here are some of the r160 ratios available: 3. ;) jamesy, the WRX diff (non STi) is just as strong as the USDM SVX diff. Point is the R230 is a larger and I believe strong differential. Miles on the TORQ Locker so far: 1500. So I hate to admit it but I'm just not finding the answers I need in the search. The '05+ STI axles are the same as the '04 STI axles. So I'm never going to find a pre-90's Subaru or Nissan/Datsun at a junkyard. - Using a large ratchet with (24mm or 7/8" socket) turn the crank pulley until TC. the R180 differential only, if you are using the R160 differential see part . source an ultra rare R180 5mt driveshaft from JDM STi version 4/5/6 RA with r180 rear diff. 90, again, based on USDM production. Any R160 rear end axle will work with R160 rear hubs. 54 ratio, so unless one has an 06-07 6spd (i have an 05 ) a r&p swap is required damn it now i'm depressed. Yes the USDM flange for the Sti (R180) has a larger bolt pattern, but a WRX flange will fit fine. Plus you have to change the flanges and/or drive shaft input yoke. They are Nissan diffs, and the last time either of them was used in a rwd production car was the 510 and the original 240z respectively. Some are bolt up others like the R180 in the STI and "Zs" use shafts held in by cir-clips. the 6mt in the charts above) Subaru Part #'s 3. Starting at $75 /mo with Affirm. Hello fellow Ratters, The only items left on my non body resto check list is to go through the rear. An R180 is just as "breakable" as the R160. From what I read it seem that an aftermarket LSD is better than a stock r180 LSD. The same parts that i had made will work to mate WRX / Legacy shafts to 05+ STi inner joints so you can install a R180 diff and keep your . R160 vs R180 vs R200 diff comparison Posted on May 16, 2013 by Iggy Not sure where I got this image from but here's a good image showing the differences between an R160 (left), R180 (middle) and R200 (right) differential. SBakulin Был больше месяца назад. These are my options at the moment. Zum Gasgeruch kann ich nichts sagen, aber die Kupplungen bei Subaru stinken sehr schnell bestialisch. i wish for my car to go stage 2 since i have all the goodies ready, so options: 1) get auto impreza driveshaft, put back 3'' TBE, get stage. You'd either have to swap the front final drive (which, again, is Subaru specific) with a 3. If they were going to use a Nissan diff, the obvious choice would be the R200 (silvia/240sx, n/a 300z) as it is quite strong, and is an easy transplant into the Impreza rear subframe. The R200's used in the 04/84-89 300ZX Turbo were equipped with Clutch Type Limited Slip Differential Units (check the Date of Manufacture on the car!). the outside wheel in a corner). Thread: Anyone exer used a Nissan rear diff in a Subaru?. *Please, verify your differential before you place your order. This was begining to be covered in another post , but it seems people got side tracked and misunderstandings. It is far easier to swap the style of differential (open vs. Luckily for us it's hard to launch a 510 so the diff is relatively safe. GC8 impreza Ej20 Subaru Swap FAQ and info resource: r180 rear. A 1971 240Z R180 diff is a bolt in/plug in job? And a 2001 Subaru Forester R160 LSD 4. This will also require the use of 17" wheels as well to accomidate the bigger brakes, which for some, may be an additional expense. Il look into the R160's as well. サイズ/タイプ:r180サイズ用 オイル容量 約400ccアップ 適合車種 スバル wrx sti vab ej20 4wd 2000t 2014年08月~ ※r160サイズは不可 ※本製品の取付には、別途下記スバル純正部品が必要です 〇エアブリーザーキャップ 38354aa020×1. The JDM spec B driveshaft is a legacy 6MT driveshaft with an R160 flange and the R180 has an R160 flange on it apparently. alex_umm, yes, the ring & pinion gears from an R160 can be put into an R180 case. R180 units usually only come in 2 ratios: 3. Another differential thread. So first lets take a look at this new locker. Complies with GC8, GDB/GGB, GRB/GVB Imprezas that are equipped with R180 rear . The r160 is a general fitment in all forester, Imprezas and Libertys, and has many different ratios available, also can be single or limited slip. I am confused about the use of the R160 & R180. Subaru was never owned by Nissan. is for the R180 differential only, if you are using the R160 differential see . I know that Subaru R160 (fits the 510) LSD units were common on turbo AWD Subarus and I also know that the new WRX has an R180 LSD unit. They are specific to the R160/R180. JDM Impreza WRX STi MY04 + V-Limited MY04 Subaru Gearbox Info Split Case 6MT (75mm). You must return items in their original packaging and in the same condition as when you received them. 38 No LSD R180, 810/Maxima late 1970s and early 1980s Rati. K on the housing doesn't tell you anything. 555 Motorsports said: yes, exactlythey spec b axles from the factory use the R160 hubs (same as WRX's, other legacy'setc, i'm sure in efforts to save money) and an r180 differential to hold the power. Hmmm, when I see R160 and R180, I think 510s and Z-cars. Pop off TC bolt cover (small black plastic cover on pass side rear of engine) 6. Subaru R160 vs R180, what are the limits of each diff? By B^2, November 26, 2021. Subaru Impreza STI w/ DCCD MY96-00 (R180) Subaru Legacy Spec B (R180) Subaru Non-STI Impreza, Legacy, Forester w/ Manual Transmission (R160) CATALOG DATA; TECHNICAL FAQ;. Did you put an R160 companion flange on the R180 diff? This supposedly can be done. You can also use R180 diff(7"ring gear vs. Its Guigiaro-styled body is best described as incredibly futuristic for the 80s, but a bit dated for the 90s. firstly the r180 has a helical vs. R160 w/Aftermarket LSD vs Stock R180. Not the cheapest way to an LSD, but lighter so more appropriate for an NA L24. 3" ring gear, so it is quite small. Where do you think the original rear Subaru diffs came from when they first . Lots of other forums had nothing but good to say. I'm not a Nissan guy so I don't really know exactly what came in what. Up to R180 000 for the duration of the policy. None of these diffs require a different mustache bar. The R160 and early R180 use the same stub axles, but the R160 has a . svxsubaru1, the R180 is twenty stronger than the R160. The open diffs are susceptible to spider gear damage due to spinning one tire. If so, then we will have plenty of aftermarket support out of the box. Google R180 vs R160 images and you'll see the difference. I want to know if they are using the Subaru r160/r180 diffs. 54 - 38104AA060 R180- There are 3 Subaru ratios available (3. Get the axles too as you will want to use the inner CV joint and stub axle. Nut is crimped in 3 places, and is ideally single-use, but should be ok to reuse if you use loc-tite (red or blue). 692 008 AS, 692-008-AS,692008AS. vs 160's are those old gen axles, like EA82s or are those also early second gen, like my 95 legacy? Thanks, -mark- Quote Author Posted August 15, 2010 R160's are on everything from late 70's EA81s to brand new WRXs R180's are only on 6 speed STI's and very few JDM 5 speed STi. The TORQ Locker is the most advanced, strongest, highest quality automatic locking differential on. Looks like the stub adapters are about $500 from a few sources. I've done the research, I've seen what breaks. Position Product Name Price Set Descending Direction. i know the R180 is bigger than R160,that does not help if you don't have the two diffs in font of you. In this sense R180 need the axles and rear hub/knuckle assembly. The goal is a daily driver with 30%-40% of the XJ's offroad capability with 50% better average fuel economy. Plate LSD uses clutch plates to lock up the LSD to give a stable 50/50 torque split between the left and right axle. General Technical - R180 & R160 rear diffs - if you have a wrx 2005 what rear diff does it come with a standard?? And my obvious follow up . The R160, R180, and R190 are straight bolt ins to any 240Z. Specifically the R160 rear differential found in almost every Subaru since the early 90's (Not the r180 found in STI's, they have enough options). You guys hit 60 in 2nd gear while I am well in 3rd. R160 - 160 mm R180 - 180 mm R200 - 200 mm And efmd3 is right. There are white paint markings on the top of the diff that can tell you its contents if you have access to its interpretations. It's not common to see someone use a 5spd w/ R180 though, so not sure how the driveshaft plays out. This picture shows the R160, R180 and R200 diffs sitting next to each other, the R160 on the left, R180 in the middle, R200 on the right. 2005 OBXT Limited OBPM // EJ255 // 5MT // VF37 (Twin Scroll) // STI Intake. Excellent points! In the future, I'll try better in translating Subaru-ese into VWese. If you are going to put a R180 back there, you might as well swap the 6MT it comes with into place. Drives: '15 WRX, 15 GLA250, and 2 feet. You can get a USDM R180 to 06 (I think) w/ a 3. Racing 01 WRX (STI badged) 2010 . Subaru R160 with Vanagon cut and resplined axles,Type 2 CV's, Hybrid stubs and adapters. The 1-piece aluminum shaft features larger, replaceable and greaseable u-joints and can handle about 650WHP and 155 MPH. Nothing special about a WRX diff other than the ratio being 3. Luckily for us it’s hard to launch a 510 so the diff is relatively safe. those things can take some abuse, people keep em for LSx/T56 swaps in 280Zs. There are also several other variations out there (R190, R230, LSDs, Ks, clip-ins, bolt-ins, etc). ALL Subaru plated rear Diffs are 2 way. Subaru 160 Differential- LLR-R160 Nissan Infiniti R200 Differential- LLR-R200 $21. You would have to figure out the hub connection. Last edit at 03/31/2011 08:47AM by mgb260. Hence why people use various driveshafts when doing either a 6spd w/ R160 or 6spd w/ R180. By removing the factory 2-piece shaft and installing a single. You'd need to verify the rear diff housing (r160 VS r180). I was semi-aware of the R180 going in. We had the tubing custom wound with a high modulus fiber to ensure the strength while. I can't remember which transmissions came with the 1:1, as I think most Subaru transmissions are 1:1. Subaru WRX r180 diff is a 27 spline w/snap in stubs and can be I wouldn't hesitate to put the R160 behind a 225hp motor in a Z. Cusco Rear Differential Cover Silver Increased Capacity Subaru. diffs are made by Hitachi and came in a number of different vehicles, mainly Nissans (and Subarus, of course). Наконец-то сменил редуктор и привода на Stiшный, редуктор от GRB STI 3. The Nissan R180 rear differential out of the STI is a 3. 54 ratio and viscous LSD) This is the type with the snap ring retaining the axles into the diff. This is well known as the H6 rear rotor. Cusco Differential Cover Increased Capacity Rear R180 Subaru. The 280Z's equipped with the R200 use a transverse link that has a downward curve in it, thus allowing more room for the larger R200. Das muss so sein Mein Legacy riecht irgendwie auch ständig nach irgendwas, beim Kaltstart im Stand nach Abgas, die Standheizung riecht man auch gelegentlich,. Maybe I am not using the right keywording in my search. SUBARU 2002-2007 WRX Automatic or with 6-Speed Conversion (R160 Rear) 1-Piece Aluminum Driveshaft $ 674.