ithaca model 37 date by serial number. The last numbers are either 5's or 0's 32 The reason for this is that. 45 service pistols : models of 1911 and 1911A1 : from 1911 to the end of production in 1945 : complete military identification, including all contractors / author, Charles W. 1 - 3500 1937 3501 - 10001 - 18350. The serial number data found in Walter Claude Snyder's books on Ithaca indicate that 1941 serial numbers for standard Model 37's ran from 34401-50900, 1942: 50901-63000, 1943: 63001-69999. Assistant Records Specialist Angela Bertalot, Firearms Records Specialist Jesi Bennett, and Volunteer Garey Mazur. Ithaca Model 37 Serial Numbers 1937-1953. COM in thier search engine type in ITHACA 37 DOM there you'll find a serial Number chart Date your shotgun then look in Blue book for pricing an Ithaca Model 37, I would say anywhere from $100 to $500 depend on year,condition,factory origional parts and all. For sale is an Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight pump-action shotgun in 16 gauge. You probably could use the barrel that's on it to shoot slugs. Oldkid54: Sorry for the error The Model 37 Featherlight started production in 1937. The base version comes with a straight English stock and an oil finish. ITHACA FEATHERLIGHT New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2022. Ithaca Model 37-S were discontinued after 1953. A serial number is a unique number assigned for identification which varies from its successor or predecessor by a fixed discrete integer value. I have a Ithaca featherlight serial no 371377097 and it was built in the mid 60s. MODELS, SERIAL NUMBERS AND MANUFACTURING DATES. A common mistake I have seen in many, many, gun shops and online sites is to assign the 12ga serial number date to a 16ga. 75 Inches Barrels: 20 Inches Gauge Info: 12 Gauge Manufacture Date: 1955. The 1860 Model Spencer Carbines that were manufactured between 1863-1865, had serial numbers falling between 11,001 and 62,000. The used value of an ITHACA 37 shotgun has fallen ($41. Examining the ship dates for 6 months prior to 9/7/45, delivery numbers documented by Clawson show that an average of 9422 guns were delivered each month. Select Series 1 Series 2 Series 3. Inspect the firearm for the serial number. The serial number listings by month presented below were developed by Scott Duff, a recognized authority on and author of a series of books on the M1 Garand. look on the side of the recevier there should be a serial number on the older ithaca model 37 the serial number was stamped on the receiver by the magazine tune and barrel. -includes unmarked 1907 sling with brass hooks and Bruce canfields hard back book "combat shotguns". value of Remington 1100 Discussion in 'Firearm Identification/Value' started by Freddie, Apr 27, 2012. Thread starter Frank M Needham; Start date Nov 10, 2019; Nov 10, 2019 #1 F. Year All Model Guns 1937 1 to 3,500 1938 to 10,000 1939 to 18,350 1940 to 34,400 Standard Model Solid Rib. Order accessories by Item Name and Item Number. Model 37 pump gun serial number indicates 1962 mfg. First your Ithaca 20 gauge model 37 was made in 1969 and for the guy with the 371377097 your gun was made in 1974 I have model 37 serial 371473XXX and it was made in 1975. The Ithaca Model 37 shotgun is the longest continuously-produced shotgun in U. ITHACA MODEL 37 16GA PLAIN BARREL CHOKE MODIFIED SERIAL NUMBER 707603 CONDITION NEAR MINT ALL ORIGINAL FACTORY BLUE AND WOOD FINISH. Enter the serial number (no spaces) of your firearm and In requesting a crime gun trace, a law enforcement agency provides ATF with information on the make, model and serial number of the firearm, and the When a gun crime is committed. Search: Ithaca 37 Serial Numbers. His records do not show any serial numbers for 1944 and 1945 production. Manufacture: Ithaca Gun Co Model: 37 BBL: 20 1/2 inch round Stock: walnut Gauge: 12 Finish: bright Grips: Serial Number: 371670584 Class: Modern Long Gun Condition: NE NPRF. Initially, Ithaca Guns USA will be producing the Model 37, 51, and Mag 10. If the "1" stands for something else Then we're good to go down to 6 digits and an easy look-up. 75 pounds, which is a noticeable difference. These are great lightweight guns. For years now, the Ithaca M37 has been stashed in our master bedroom as a "Bump in the Night". 17 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $568. Two triggers, one selective trigger, or single non-selective trigger are available. That barrel was fitted to that receiver and very likely not interchangeable with any other. 16 Gauge Deerslayer, 20 inch Description: For your consideration is an Ithaca, King Ferry, Model 37-16 Gauge Deerslayer shotgun, with a 20 inch smooth bore non-rifled, rifle sighted slug barrel. Slam-fire vs Nonslam-fire Ithaca 37. High Standard Pistols Serial Ranges 1932-1942; Ithaca Guns - Baker, Crass, Lewis, Manier, Magnum, Pre-WWII choke marks, Lefever Singles, Flues, Knick, Lefever Grade A, NID, Western Long Range; Ithaca Guns Serial Numbers and Date of Manufacture The letter prefix accompanied the Savage/Stevens/Fox B/Springfield serial number on every gun they. Long action 7-5/8" between screw holes. remington model 12 serial number dates remington model 12a serial number dates. Quality all steel gun for the price of a Mossburg. By the serial number, made in 1942; also was shipped as part of a 16 case shipment to the Raritan Arsenal in New Jersey on 21 September 1942. It's a featherlight model with the dog and such engravings. Description: Slide-action, solid-breech, hammerless, takedown, side-ejection rifle. About Remington Numbers Model Serial 10. When the Model 37 was introduced it was also called the Featherlight, though in 12 gauge it still weighed in. The Marlin Model 39 was made in 3 different series from 1921 to 1939. In working condition, functions as it should. Ithaca Shotgun Number Serial. However, you won't be using that serial number with the Remington Serial/Barrel Number Lookup app because that number won't tell you the month and year it was manufactured. Serial No Stevens Model Number 311. I stopped in to a pawn shop yesterday and saw an unusual shotgun I had never seen before. This one sports a 30" full choke barrel. A Customer Favorite, unbelievably neat and functional. Typically located on the other side of the of the water table and usually a two digit number. I have never heard of anyone seeing a 20 gauge from that year. 01 Offered is very early Ithaca Model 37 12 gauge Made in the First Year of production in 1937. If you are interested in buying I would love to hear from you. Special serial number sequence for 37-T guns discontinued 1954 to 574,000. Ithaca Model 300 20 Gauge Owner's Manual Ithaca Model 51 Featherweight field strip and cleaning I am looking for a Ithaca m51 12 ITHACA 37 PISTOL GRIP BLACK SYNTHETIC FITS: ITHACA 37 12 GAUGE SHOTGUNS 26" Barrel for Ithaca Shotguns 12 Ga Model 300 2 3/4" Chamber (Good Bore) 28" Ithaca 51 2-3/4" Vent Rib Barrel Assembly 20g Modified Chk Ithica. More than two million Model 37s have been produced over its 80-year history. Ithaca Hi Grade Model 37 $3,000 Grade. Ithaca Model 37 Serial Numbers Year. MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 (Leave Your FAX # when you FAX. Unit model number (including any dash numbers) and serial number must always be used when referring a problem to Lennox in regard to repair parts, literature, wiring diagrams, etc. The industry's widest variety of refrigerated display merchandising solutions for Supermarkets, Retailers, Beverage Companies and Convenience Stores. The shotgun's metal is in great shape with light wear around the. sequential interdependence example; ghostbusters proton blaster hasbro. Frank M Needham Well-known member. Left side slide markings - ITHACA GUN CO. Ithaca M 37 dates of manufacture Here is a chart I recovered from the old Ithaca website. Target Model 55A (Iver Johnson Sportman). Remington Model 11 Serial Number Date Chart - everinstant. The Ithaca 37 (or Model 37) is a pump-action shotgun made in large Caliber/ Gauge: 16 Gauge; Serial Number: 663745 Working Order: . Sometime in the mid-1990s, I acquired a Model 37 Ithaca police trade-in riot shotgun. What is Ithaca Shotgun Serial Number. From that list you can find out what serial number block the gun falls in and match it to the year of manufacture. I am finally going next week to go examine this Ithaca Model 37 Featherweight in 20 gauge a guy wants to sell. 5" vent rib barrel and screw-in choke. Produced between September 2003 to February 2009. The Model 37 was based on a patented John Browning design. -reciever stamped "RLB" w/ flaming bomb. Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “D. The serial number is 850596, when I ran this number on our web site it came up as unknown. shotgun with a serial number of 1000. Click below to learn why many pros turn to double barrel shotguns for hunting and shooting. There are no date codes on the barrel, just the serial number. in 1931, it has been continually manufactured by Ithaca Guns Co. If anyone can help with information it would be most appreciated. In the future they plan on reintroducing the 5E, the NID Ithaca Doubles (side x sides), and a smaller 28 gauge shotguns for youths and smaller adults. This is probably the rarest of the WWII US Army trench shotguns and probably only second to the rarest of all the trench shotguns, the WWI Remington Model 10 trench shotgun. Produced in many calibers and modifications, most popular are 12 gauge Homeland Security model with fixed stock, and Stakeout model with. Back (Again) From Ithaca: Featherlight 20 Gauge. The Ithaca 37 and the Browning BPS shotguns are overlooked shotguns and are the nicest that are still new for sale at this time. Ithaca Model 37, 1941 serial number, not functioning well. Knowing which type it is and other markings could help identify the model and the date of manufacture. Ithaca Model 37 Serial Numbers Commemorative and Limited Issue Models . What is the manufacture date of a sweet 16 serial number 4s 32259? Need serial number to date most any firearm. Model 37 Magnum 3" Chamber—1978-1987 Model 37 Field Grade Magnum—1984-1987 Model 37 UltraLight—1978 to 1987 Model 37 English UltraLight—1982-1987. There are some minor dings and surface blemishes, but overall, this shotgun is in great condition. I'm a little confused with the Serial Number dating. Top models include DHC-6-300, DHC-6-300 TWIN OTTER X2, DHC-2T, and DHC-6-100. Modern Ithaca M37 models offer barrel lengths of 24, 26. Lets start with Your Serial number, Go on line: Ithaca serial numbers/age. Shotgun Is a single shot 20 ga. Dates of manufacture, cz 85 manufacture dates by serial number, cz 85 manufacture dates serial FEG, PA-63. May 11, 2008 298 16 Muncie IN for now. Ithaca Model 37 M37 Riot, Trench Gun-Style, Parkerized 20" Pump/Slide Action Shotgun & Bayonet Lug/Heat Shield, MFD 1969 12 GA Auction: 15609139. Re: Ithaca Model 37 serial numbers/dates of manufacture. In comparison, the modern Ithaca Ultra Featherlight 20 gauge weighs a mere 5. Built in 1952,this gun has a 28" solid rib barrel choked full. MADE IN USA - ROTO FORGED" and has an anvil and "CYL". 00 : m37 fthrlt ithaca gun company model 37 featherlight 12ga. The serial number is 36640 and all matching. Serial number 381010844, indicates a 1974 manufacture date from my reserach. Factory records reflect that two additional Model 37 trench guns were sent to. Company has distinction of being oldest firearms manufacturing firm in United States. Example: 69G1000 = A 1969 Auto-5 Lightweight 12 ga. The Ithaca 37 is one of the oldest shotguns still in production. Re: Ithaca Model 37 serial numbers/dates of manufacture [Re: Bristoe] #12689726 03/03/18. The stock is sound with no cracks or damage and retains the original factory buttplate. I would add that there always seems to be a lot of confusion about the 'G' prefix. Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 Series 2 has round rear tang and has serial number below 700,000. How much is a gun worth with no serial numbers on it? There is no set price. Ithaca Model 66 Serial Numbers. The Model 37 trench guns were shipped from the Ithaca factory to Augusta Arsenal between June 27 and July 20, 1942. The Ithaca Model 37 is a bottom-ejecting, pump-action shotgun. I have a Ithaca Model 37 16 gauge Featherweight. Reprinted with express written permission from Walter Claude Snyder's books " The Ithaca Gun Company From The Beginning " and " Ithaca Featherlight Repeaters: The Best Gun Going: A Complete History of the Ithaca Model 37 and the Model 87 ". Note how Colt Series 60 and a serial number is on the slide and frame. For those Model 70 and 94 owners interested in when their specific rifle was made, the tables below show serial number range by year made. Remington Model 11 Stock Series *. It was very popular in the Midwest and prairie states as a waterfowl and pheasant gun. The second digit will tell you the year it was manufactured - 0, for example, means the fridge was either made in 1980 or 2010, while Y means. Records Office staff provide additional coverage for these gun shows. It was made to look like a Winchester 94 in the age of cowboy heros on TV. MADE IN USA – ROTO FORGED”, with an anvil. Short action 7" between screw holes. 37 featherlight pump shotgun - 12 ga. I believe this does have the "slam fire" feature that is desired, however I've never tested it myself. Special serial number blocks were discontinued during 1953 for the models 37S and 37T. Senator Ezra Cornell offered his farm in Ithaca, New York, as a site and $500,000 of his personal fortune as an initial endowment. Please wait Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight – 16 GA. In 1946 the serial numbers picked up at 92000 and ran to 115350. garmin forerunner 235 auto detect activity. The Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight D. I understand they eventually "fixed" the slam fire feature and I'm wondering if there's anyway to tell. Depending on your specific gun, the serial number is found on the side of the barrel, the trigger guard or the receiver. Make: Ithaca / Erma Werke, West Germany Model: 72 Serial Number: 73005602 Year of Manufacture: 1973 - 1978 Caliber:. Much of the data presented for the Model 37 guns came from microfilm copies of Ithaca shipping records on file at the National Tracing Offices of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and from microfiche copies of invoices from the era that were. - 2 3/4 CHAMBER - PROOF TESTED / ITHACA GUN CO. To narrow your search results, enter the model number in the Search box above. Unique serial number sequences were established for special edition and commemorative Model 37 and Model 87 guns. If it is the Flues, it would have been made in 1919. The used value of an ITHACA 37 shotgun has risen $7. Here is a chart I recovered from the old Ithaca website. Up for your consideration is my Ithaca WWII trench gun serial number 613XX. > d'angelico serial numbers > ithaca model 37 featherweight serial numbers > enliven pro serial number > lenzkirch serial numbers > free nero 7 express serial number > spectraview ii serial number > scag serial number > colt 1911a1 38 super serial numbers > electronic identification via serial number > trane a c serial number. Ithaca skb 200e serial numbers, ithaca skb manufacture date, ithaca skb skb Custom crafted shotgun by skb for Ithaca Ithaca® Model 37. The Remington 700 is the most popular bolt-action rifle in America, at least according to Gunbroker. System serial numbers distributed in the Americas begin with the prefixes: "XAW," followed by eleven digits (Nintendo Switch). Class: Curio & Relic Long Gun. No, because there is a difference between old style and new style barrels for the Ithaca Model 37. There is a patent number on the barrel, Patent No. It looks like that's the patent number, not the serial number. The Trap Model was returned to the general listing by 1954 as the Target Grade. Some frames were manufactured in 2008,but the Ithaca Model 37 in 28 gauge was not introduced until 2009. Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked "MODEL 37 - FEATHERLIGHT - 12 GA. The serial number, depending on the model of rifle, will either be located on the upper or lower stock tang, bottom of the receiver, or side of the receiver. Ithaca Model 37, 30" barrel, roll engraved reciever, blued shotgun. Bibliographic record and links to related information available from the Library of Congress catalog. Ithaca 12 gauge Pump Model 37 Shotgun with etched duck side plates serial number 1849982 Est. Serial Number Reader : Serial No. We need to know if your floor plate is a one piece or two piece. If the "37" denotes the modelfabulous. Ithaca Model 37 Ducks Unlimited Guide Gun Forend 12 Gauge. Year All Model Guns 1937 1 to 3,500 1938 to 10,000 1939 to 18,350 1940 to 34,400 Standard Model Solid Rib * Skeet* Trap* 1941 to 50,900 70,000-71,500 80,000-80,400 88,000-88,150. Beretta shotguns by the serial number. As I recall, the barrel is something like 19-inches long with the gun being parkerized and having sling swivels. What is the serial number range of years of manufacture of the Ithaca 37? Thank you. Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight Riot 12 GA 20″ Pump Slam Fire. *Using 80% condition for calculating used Values. At the time, Colt numbered all its revolvers sequentially, with the First Models starting at the serial number 1341. The following information can be found in the books "The M1 Garand: WWII" and "The M1 Garand Serial Numbers and Data Sheets" found at Fulton Armory, and are used here with Mr. All books say this is a derivative of the model 67 and the books call it a 27 ก. Discussion Starter · #6 · Jul 1, 2009. Enter the serial number of your Winchester Model 1905 in the box below: Winchester Handbook by George Madis. Our sources disagree a bit, but this seems to be the best set of data. Shop online for the best selection and prices of Ithaca Shotguns at Hinterland Outfitters. A number showing the position of an item in a series, esp. You can find the model and serial numbers (M/N and S/N) for your furnace by removing the top-front service panel and looking to the left side of the interior cabinet or the top of the blower deck, depending on whether your system is an 80% or 90% AFUE unit. These factors would all play a part in dictating a series of rapid price increases. Finally, in 1937 Ithaca was able to bring the Model 37 to the market. 1941 to 50,900 70,000-71,500 80,000-80,400 88,000-88,150 1942 to 62,900 71,501-72,199 80,401-80,899 WWII. com DA: 15 PA: 48 MOZ Rank: 67 If the gun was manufactured in 1948 or after, the serial number is traceable Usually the first letter or first two numbers indicate the manufacture year If the gun was made before 1948, the only Perazzi serial number lookup Site-stats. (new style) on guns made 1978 to date. The model designation on the barrel is 'Ithaca-37' hyphen is part of stamp and there are no letters like S or T there. It could be a very valuable gun, so get it appraised. The serial number suggests that it is a Flues Model Ithaca hammerless double. Disassembly of a model 12 is far more fiddly. It's an Ithaca Model 37-Featherlight. Much of the data presented for the Model 37 guns came from microfilm copies of Ithaca shipping records on file at the National Tracing Offices of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and from microfiche copies of invoices from the 1980 era that were found at the Ithaca factory. The demand of new ITHACA 37 shotgun's has risen 2 units over the past 12 months. Ithaca Gun Company warrants to you, the original purchaser, that this firearm was manufactured free of defects in material or workmanship; and for a period of one (1) year after the date of purchase, the manufacturer agrees to correct by repair or replacement (with same or comparable quality model) your firearm. Model 37DV/Deluxe Vent Rib—1961-1987. The Skeet Grade was discontinued after 1954. If you dad has had this gun since the 50's, then I am assuming this gun's serial number is actually "184998-2". Designed by John Moses Browning, and originally manufactured in 1937. Ithaca Model 37 serial numbers/dates of manufacture. Budman8265; With those patent dates, and a serial number in the 16,000 range, you will have a Marlin Model 1898, exposed hammer, pump action, 12 gauge shotgun. to the Ithaca Model 37) - on the inside the Model 10 and Model 17 are . This shotgun features a 2 3/4" chamber. Three Ithaca Model 37 Slide Action Shotguns -A) Ithaca Model 37 Shotgun Manufactured in 1949. The Deerslayer model has either a 20 or 26 inch barrel and a front and rear sight would be fitted to the barrel. After running a serial number lookup, we believe this shotgun was manufactured in 1981. Orders/ Contact Us Sorry no On Line ordering. I need to track an Ithaca model 37 that has been in my family for as long as I can remember, I have been told that it was used in Vietnam by my . 1960's Vintage Ithaca Model 37 12ga. Hoosier Gun Works Online Catalog. HEY guys i have an old ithaca model 37 from the sixtys if. 2012 author: lawefid ithaca model 37 serial no. On close examination with a light and magnifying glass I noticed. Manufacture: Ithaca Gun Co Model: 37 BBL: 28 inch round Stock: walnut Gauge: 12 Finish: blue. I owned a full service Gun Shop (Corson's Gun Nook) in Lake Charles, Louisiana ( The Sportsmen's Paradise) from 1958 until 1984. Ithaca Model 37 Repeater Serial Number Listing by Year. The easiest way to tell which style barrel you need is to check your serial number. com / Guns For Sale / Ithaca / 12 GA Make: Ithaca Model: 37 Serial Number: 371059538 Year of Manufacture:. What is the value and date of Ithaca New York US made feather light model 37 duck engraved patent 1849982? I believe that it was made in 1969. Word was, that it came out of the Portland Maine Police Department. Serial numbers of these guns ranged from 57,974 to 62,119. The 37 was produced in a number of configurations, and this is one of the more popular for both law enforcement and home defense. Dates of Manufacture* for: Winchester Model 1905. Feb 08, 2022 · serial number 21290089; ruger new model blackhawk convertible with 9mm cylinder. I'd say about 40-50% of the bluing is worn off, with about 10% of the high touch ares being silver now. It's classically case hardened but can come in other metal. The 16ga number 1 began in 1909. Two Shotguns -A) Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight Slide Action Shotgun Two Shotguns -A) Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight Slide Action Shotgun 2 3/4" chamber with a 14 1/4" LOP. Ithaca model 37 Featherlight 20 ga. Naval Operations Support Group ordered an additional 3,000 Model 37 "Shotguns, Riot Type, Special Purpose, 12 ga. James, You have the typical Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight Repeater in 16 gauge with serial number 255221. If the "1" stands for something else. Checkered wood stock and fore grip. It's well used but everything is still tight. The Model 87 data came from the serial number records of the Ithaca Acquisition Corporation. Fortunately, one of the functions happens to be the "Serial Number Lookup" which permit you to learn about your Colt guns using their serial numbers. I looked all over the reciever and can't find a serial number. 4/53 shotgun (the base model) can come in bores ranging from 12-gauge to. The two-letter code on the barrel is part of a special coding system designed by Remington to identify the manufacturing dates of all their shotguns and rifles. Milwaukee Warranty By Serial Number Makita Date Code On Tool He went on to s. MarkingThe serial number for this shotgun falls into the serial number . Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 10. Most Upland Hunters or Duck Hunters added a Poly-Chokes it was a $30. 0 serial number > serial number for madden 06 > colt model 1917 serial numbers > monte blanc serial. Our database contains values of serial numbers through 29113 which ended the year 1920. The Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight is chambered in three gauges: 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauge. read “The Ithaca Gun Company From the Beginning” by Walter Claude Snyder CLICK THE MODEL NAME TO REVEAL THE SERIAL NUMBERS & CLICK AGAIN TO CLOSE . Note the proper absence of a side ejection port. It is pre 1964 with a serial # of 496507 Read More. ” However, “Ithaca factory records indicated that two (2) Model 37 trench guns were . Gun Going: A Complete History of the Ithaca Model 37 and the Model 87”. It holds 10 rounds, but ammunition for it only spawns once the code for the rifle. "XTW," followed by eleven digits (Nintendo Switch - OLED Model). Ithaca Hi Grade Model 37 $2,000 Grade. The Ithaca 37 is based on a 1915 design by the famous firearms designers John Browning and John Pedersen, initially marketed as the Remington Model 17. 1 Model Numbering Systems Introduction All Lennox product is set up with a systematic coding system for both model numbers and serial numbers. If the model and serial number of your saw is within the affected range - stop using the saw immediately. Alternatively, the serial is listed on the certificate issued with every new Sig Sauer firearm purchase. kubota tractor serial number > sig 220 serial number > webpublisher serial number not working > fabrique nationale 1935 serial numbers > serial number acid pro 2 > fear serial number > fender acoustic guitar serial number > adobe photoshop 7. Arguably the greatest firearms designer in history, Browning was one of. I have since found a serial number site that looks complete. Stock was professionally redone. 1849982 - Model 37S 12 GA 2 3/4 CHAMBER Then below it says: I MOD. Chamber marked 2 3/4", choke marked modified, and 14" LOP. Any Ithaca made 'after' 1972 all used & new barrels will fit. Ithaca Model 49S Teardown and Ejector Repair (1of2) - YouTube Most of you must be familiar with the Ithaca Model 49 single-shot boys' rifle made from 1961 to about 1978. Without metal hardware unless stated. My grandfather gave me his model 37 featherlite 12ga. Pump gun with 28" Mod choke barrel and checkered walnut stock. At one time or another I've owned a model 17, a model 14, a model 19, a 1917, a three inch model 36, a model 63, and a 442. The Winchester Model 12 20 Gauge Shotgun is perfect as a vintage working gun for upland game. What is the age of Ithaca model 37 20 gauge serial number 1849982?. The US Army received 45,733 of these in number and may not be matched by serial numbers. 1 - 3500 1937 3501 - 10000 1938 10001 - 18350 1939 18351 - 34400 1940 34401 - 50900 1941 50901 - 62900 1942 No Production 1943 - 1945 62901 - 115350 1946 115351 - 157150 1947. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. 1954 production ended with 574,000. SERIALIZATION BAKER MODEL ITHACA DOUBLES. "XKW," followed by eleven digits (Nintendo Switch revised model). The sides of the receiver have game scenes. Model 37 WaterfowlIthaca Stakeout II, Pistol Grip Firearm. 22 caliber rifle from 1961-1978. About Dates Number Serial 12a Remington Model. 00+/- Conduction is every thing. Serial# 371414XXX If the '37' denotes the model. Price check: Ithaca Model 37. Condition is very good overall with an excellent bore, checkered stock and forearm. Ithaca Model 37 Law Enforcement Weapons. I didn't write down the serial number. It was an Ithaca model 37 Ultra Featherlight 20 guage. 380 caliber autoloading pistol Blued and nickel. Remington Model 11 Butt Stock Style *. This was a running production change and the 3rd generation style parts will typically be seen on firearms with a serial number over 371631000. Gun is in exceptional condition for age. Ithaca's Lefever shotguns start at serial number 100000. if I've found the right info on the serial number was either made prior to 1955 or was made in 1965 or 66. The serial on the receiver is on the face or front of it. 10 Gauge 30" Barrel Double Barrel Shotgun, Steel Barrels, casehardened locks, frame, and butt plate. Selling my Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 12 Gauge pump. , and are still produced in present day. R I'm new to the forum and wondered if anyone could shed some light on a 20 gauge field grade model 37 pump I picked up this summer. For those who may have an interest. By the serial number, that Model 37 dates to the 1960s and has the "non-disconnect" (I think that's what it's called?) feature. Serial number 184998 was made in about 1948. This is proving to be more difficult than I thought! The few pages of serial #s that I've found are all for 6-digit numbers This one's 9I think. Close-up of left side showing the ordnance inspectors mark 'FJA'. Savage Serial Numbers Search. Ithaca - Model 1911A1 serial number 2128752 - One of 2,400 pistols manufactured in the serial number range 2127108-2129507 shipped January 16, 1945 to Transportation Officer - Benicia Ordnance Depot - Benicia, California. Serial# 371414XXX If the "37" denotes the modelfabulous. ithaca 37 turkey slayer 12ga shotgun (used) USED ITHACA 37 TURKEY SLAYER 12 GA SHOTGUN ; SERIAL NUMBER: M370008452; USED FIREARM; (L2434) search for items like this. Ithaca Guns Serial Numbers and Date of Manufacture (containing serial information about: Baker DB Shotguns, Crass DB Shotguns, Lewis DB Shotguns, Manier DB Shotguns, Flues SB and DB Shotguns, NID DB Shotguns, Knick SB Trap Guns, LeFever Nitro Special DB Shotguns, LeFever 'A' Grade, Western Long Range DB Shotguns, Model 37 Standard Model. Well, a couple years ago I bought a real nice one with a fairly low serial number and with the much more. This pump-action, bottom-ejecting shotgun is available in a number of configurations. Go to the Ithaca gun web sight and find the serial number list. Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 12-Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun | Solid Rib. Model 37 Camo Model 37 Bicentennial Model 37 Ducks Unlimited Commemorative, Auction Grade Model 37 Ducks Unlimited Commemorative, Trade Grade. – 2 3/4 CHAMBER – PROOF TESTED / ITHACA GUN CO. ithaca ithaca model 37 ithaca model 37 shotgun. The actual tube portion of forend tubes assemblies on '78 and newer guns are shorter then the original 2-¾. Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 Series 1 has cloverleaf rear tang. This barrel has the plastic ambient light 'illuminated' red sight instead of a bead, which should be original (it says Ithaca stamped on the metal part of the sight mount). On the barrel is says: Ithaca Gun Co. The two sets of numbers are different. The old style shotguns end with serial number 855,000 and any number higher than that is the new style. Based on a 1915 patent by firearms designer John Browning for a shotgun initially marketed as the Remington Model 17, it utilizes a novel combination ejection/loading port on the bottom of the gun which leaves the sides closed to the elements. Winchester Model 12's, Ithaca Model 37's, Remington 11-48, and others. Ithaca Guns Comes To Ohio. ; a Gaussian prime with no imaginary part and real part of the form EOL Products Mossberg model 152 22 LR with Peepsight no serial number The receiver is marked with patent date of July 22, 1902 on the left side 25 Stevens, 25 Stevens,. In 1958, Spanish manufacturer Astra developed a high quality revolver line based on this weapon, under the name of Astra Cadix, Astra 250 and Astra NC6. Ithaca Model 37 Featherweight serial numbers?. The Model 37 is a manually operated, slide- or pump-action shotgun fed from a tubular magazine located beneath the barrel. Four Ithaca Model 37 Slide Action Shotguns -A) Ithaca Model 37 Shotgun Four Ithaca Model 37 Slide Action Shotguns -A) Ithaca Model 37 Shotgun Manufactured in 1966. The Ithaca Featherlight Model 37 is a pump-action chambered in 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauge. These parts are still currently in use. The Model 37, which was listed in the Ithaca catalog at the beginning of 1941 for $56. The demand of used ITHACA 37 shotgun's has risen 69 units over the past 12 months. @ithacagunco is on Instagram • 2,690 people follow their. Now is the age of Internet so Colt duly keeps itself up to date by introducing a website for customers that incorporate multiple helpful functions. 00 : model 37 ithaca gun company 20 ga english ultra featherlight feather weight rare 25 inch " barrel zeeland, mi 49464: used: 5/2/2022: $450. ISSUE YEARS 0F ISSUE SERlAL NUMBER LAPD Commémorative Model 1981 LAPD0001 LAPD1299 LAPD Model 37 LAPD66000 LAPD85048 LAPD Model 87 1989 70088001 700088290 LAPD Model 87 1990 to 700090200 Bicentennial Model 1976 USA0001 USA1975 Centennial Models. WTS Ithaca WWII model 37 trench gun. Also, the orientation (horizontal or vertical) and flow direction (down or up) of your furnace may impact the location of the information. By the serial number, that Model 37 dates to the 1960s and has the "non-disconnect" (I think that's what it's called?) 003700 Highest documented serial number for receiver production while Springfield Armory, Inc. Ithaca Gun Company sold a single shot lever action. 00 add-on This is an unseen Value $300. In addition, later models (post WW-II) often had a . That gun would eventually be replaced in production by the less expensive. Winchester Model 12 Serial Numbers Date Of ManufactureWinchester Model 12 and the Ithaca Model 37 pump gun was adopted to fill the void. Hi Guys, I recently purchased a Model 62 in almost new condition. Ithaca Model 37 Early First Year Serial 1276 Made 1937 original 12 Gauge 28 inch Full Nice Original Very Early Rifle. Those owning older Model 37s can have them again repaired by Ithaca gunsmiths, and they also have the factory manufacturing records, and have them posted on their website. I wanted one so bad for a while. The Ithaca Model 37 is a pump-action shotgun made in large numbers for the civilian, military, and police markets. Start by marking "Ducks Unlimited cookbook" as Want to Read. 357 magnum, Blue Finish Rossi Model 971. Chamber marked 2 3/4", choke marked full, and 13 1/2" LOP. Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight - 16 GA. MODEL 37 REPEATER PUMP The special serial number block for the Model 37R was discontinued after 1949. Cornell University was founded on April 27, 1865; the New York State (NYS) legislature authorized the university as the state's land grant institution. Regular Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9 a. The -2 indicates the gun left the factory with a modified choke. According to the serial number it's a 1943 made gun. It is not listed in Beretta's domestic database. The first 100 numbers were set aside for special runs, if they were needed in the future. This Model 37 was manufactured in 1953 and features a 22" barrel with a 2 3/4" chamber and a modified choke. To cut to the chase, a serial number with the 'G' prefix, and a serial number without a prefix are plain and simple, different serial numbers. It’s action is well worn and smooth as glass. " from Ithaca at a contract price of $37. Remington Model 11 Stock Grip Style *. Army Contract Ithaca Model 37 Slide Action Trench ShotgunThis is an extremely rare WWII military trench shotgun that was manufactured by the Ithaca Gun Company for the US Army, circa 1943/44. It was manufactured by Ithaca in 1961 with a serial number of 777313 -2 and it is in very good condition for its age. Disassembly of a 37 is involved, but mostly simple. All these Model 37's had the serial number prefix of 381. Nov 11, 2010 · Ithaca model 37 Defender now all you need is a side saddle and a mag extention. 00 : other model ithaca gun company rare 51 featherlight 12ga semi auto shotgun 28" 12 gauge mod spokane, wa 99202: used: 5/2/2022: $450. What is the age of an Ithaca damascus double barrel shotgun serial 49149?. Ithaca Model 37 Serial Numbers 1954-2005. Marlin 336 35 Remington Serial Numbers. Re: Ithaca model 37 12 GA Can't help you with the date but generally, when posting a serial number online, it is good to use XX in place of the last 2 or 3 digits. Three Ithaca Model 37 Slide Action Shotguns -A) Ithaca Model 37 ShotgunManufactured in 1949. There are two letters above the serial number, being R. I have two Beretta shotguns, one of the serial numbers begins with the letter. YEAR ALL MODELS YEAR ALL MODELS YEAR THE MODEL 87 YEAR THE MODEL 37 1996 M37000001 - M37003264 1997 M37003265 - M37007300 *Interchangeable barrels began with serial number 855000. AYA Shotguns (Aguirre y Aranzabal). i just picked up a ithica model 37 12ga at the indy 1500 (it came with the Pistol grip not attached i just put it on for the pic it too was mad by ithica though) it shoots very well but, i was wanting to know some info about. Forums for guns, hunting, fishing, class iii weapons, and much more!. 361 Posts Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 11, 2008 I have looked high and low to try and find the year manufactured for my Ithaca Model 37 pump Serial number is 371536989 it is Model 37 Feather weight 12 GA 2 3/4 Chamber Proof tested Full Chock anyone got a link that list years by serial number? Thanks Save Reply G Goody Registered Joined Jun 1, 2006. I compiled this quick reference serial number guide for dating 16ga Browning A5s and the Auto 5-3 Shot, by serial number. Need info on a bobcat 21a its in. Designed by John Moses Browning, and originally manufactured in 1937, the Model 37. The rifle appears to be a lever-action Winchester Model 1894 and it is the most powerful gun in the game. Gauge: 12, 20, 28 (tested) Barrel: 26", 28", 30". along with the introduction date, they changed the model designation from 33 to 37. This beautiful vintage Ithaca 37 "Featherlight" would be a great addition to anyone's collection, and would make quite the capable yet very interesting home defense gun! SOLD Curio/Relic: Yes Manufacturer: Ithaca Model: Model 37 Serial Number: 597953 Bore: Minty Chambers: 2. Regular M37 serial numbers apply within this range. Ithaca Gun building a new plant in Myrtle Beach, S. Ithaca Model 37 forend tube and forearms. you have to look up your serial number find the year of Birth on WWW. The Model 37 I have has this patent number on it and the serial number is 24071. Yours just has a front round bead. Designed by John Moses Browning in 1921, and refined by Harry Howland of Ithaca Guns Co. Model 37 Airweight date of manufacture. one printed on paper currency or on a manufactured article for the purposes of identification. The bolts are entirely different, the M37 being more similar to a modern shotgun. Search: Makita Serial Number Date. Stevens model 315 has a straight side. Ithaca also made a number of essentially identical Model 37 trench guns for the civilian and law enforcement markets that were not stamped with martial markings and were in a higher serial number. This is the Rangemaster, made between 1937 and 1954, total production just over 12,000 rifles. It would also make a good gun for hunting with slugs or buckshot. Must of copied the production date from the wrong line. The few pages of serial #s that I've found are all for 6-digit numbers This one's 9I think It's an Ithaca Model 37-Featherlight. I attended several Remington Gun Repair courses in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and. Serial numbers were not a requirement until 1968, so older firearms may not have serial numbers. ithaca model 37 16ga mfg date 1958. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. Ithaca Model 87 Basic 1989-1994. ITHACA M-37, 16 GA CHECKERED FLEUR DE LIS WOW ! ITHACA MAG-10 10 GA FOREAM WALNUT CHECKERED. #2 · Jun 3, 2008 Seeing as you haven't gotten much of a response on this, let me take a stab at it. So, I've got an Ithaca model 37 16ga shotgun. What date was Perazzi gun 131300 manufactured Answers. My Ithaca model 37r serial number 645684-2. Friday, January 18, 2008 Ithaca M 37 dates of manufacture Here is a chart I recovered from the old Ithaca website. Surprisingly quicker way to find out what year your shotgun was made hope you like. I have a 20 gauge Model 37 with serial number 989595. Model 37 Supreme Grade—1967-1987 Model 37 Field Grade Standard—1983-1985 Model 37 Field Grade Vent Rib—1983-1986 Model 37 Basic Featherlight—1979-1983 📷 Model 37V/Vent Rib—1961-1983 Model 37RV/Deluxe Vent Rib—1961-1966 📷 Model 37D/Deluxe—1955-1977 📷 Model 37DV/Deluxe Vent Rib—1961-1987 📷. Browse our online store for new and used 37 Featherlight shotguns for sale. December 12, 2019 By Joseph Von Benedikt. Check out front face of the receiver like an old Ithaca 37. 00 For sale is an Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight pump-action shotgun in 12 gauge. Contact Sig Sauer customer service at (603) 772-2302. "XJW," followed by eleven digits (Nintendo Switch Lite). The bore is mint and free of rust,dents,or pits. It has ducks engraved on one side, and a bird dog on the other. jlong7542 said: Old thread but I’m having a difficult time figuring out what my model 37s date of manufacture. The first digit indicates where the appliance was manufactured - if, say, your serial number starts with a "C," that means it was made in Clyde, OH. It belonged to my great grandfather. The most collectable Model 70s and 94s are the "pre-64" guns, manufactured before a significant production change in 1964. PRE 64 GUNS DO NOT BEGIN WITH AN ALPA CHARACTER. Fixed Modified Choke, serial number 448566. Models Included > Side by Side : 100, 200 > Over-Under : 500, 600. my Ithaca Model 37 pump Serial number is 371536989 it is Model 37 17 pages of people talking about serial numbers and dates of mfg. Picked this up at my local gun shop last week. What year was Ithaca model 37 serial number 1003095 made? Call Ithaca at 1 877 648 4222 and they will tell you. Your Tiger Stock Ithaca Model 37 Featherweight was made in 1951(357184) I'm Guessing it a 12ga 2. With a 28' modified cylinder barrel uses both 2 3/4 and 3' shotgun shells. Ithaca Model 37 28 Gauge Serial Number Information. 00 : m37 fthrlt ithaca gun company featherlight 12 ga mod choke 28 inch " barrel brookfield, ct 06804: used: 5/2/2022: $905. Anyway, I did not find it under the New Ithaca Gun but under Crass & NIG Models the serial number is 41268 below that is A and then below that is 10. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 2, 2010. They were reverted back to the original shell stops that year. Model 62 serial number and possible date of manufacture. What is the serial number of an Ithaca shotgun? A: On the Model 37®, the serial number is located on the bottom right side of the . I'll let the photos do the talking; it appears to be all original/original finish except for one screw holding the buttplace on. Description: As close to new gun of this vintage as you could find. Stupidly I didn't get the serial number. Start date Jun 6, 2008; Jun 6, 2008 #1 sanzo87 Marksman. Ithaca 37 Featherlight 12 Gauge (S13922) Price $695. Manufacture: Ithaca Gun Co Model: 37 BBL: 30 inch round Stock: walnut Gauge: 12 Finish: blue Grips: Serial Number: 203919 Class: Curio & Relic Long Gun Condition: NE View Rating Code. Winchester Model 1300 Serial Number Lookup. You are considering a vintage Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 12-Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun. The special serial number block for the Model 37R was discontinued after 1949. Ithaca Model 37's made after serial number 855000 were made for interchangeable barrels. You notice the serial number is on the barrel and on the front side of the receiver where the magazine tube and barrel are assembled. Salute Cannon 200 Series Double Rifle Model 500. Search: Remington Model 12a Serial Number Dates. First of all, it doesn't weigh hardly anything! It is the lightest shotgun I have ever handled. Although 20 gauge was the Model 12's first chambering, 12-gauge versions are far more common. Serial number of S343110, manufactured circa 1894-1914. The first series had a serial number with no letter prefix and was made between 1921 and 1925. The forearm retaining nut was changed from the exposed nose cap type nut (old style) on the pre-'78 guns to recessed circular nut (new style) on guns made 1978 to. But then it's still a 7 digit number. The Ithaca Model 37 has had the longest production run of any pump-action shotgun. A 20 gauge with a Modified choke like the author's gun is even rarer. The Ithaca 37 (or Model 37) is a pump-action shotgun made in large numbers for the civilian, military, and police markets. I have owned several model 37s but had not seen one quite like this. Some slight pitting on the outside of the barrel. These entered the civilian market in 2001. Serial number is "M9-221xxx" which puts it as 2019 manufacture. Could someone possibly help me with a date of manufacture for this gun?. The demand of used ITHACA 37 shotgun's has risen 44 units over the past 12 months. YEAR ALL MODELS YEAR ALL MODELS YEAR THE MODEL 87 YEAR THE MODEL 37 1996 M37000001 - M37003264 1997 M37003265 - M37007300. Seems that there's a lot of Ithaca 37 fans on here so I thought I'd make a post with the serial numbers. I have attached four photos of three different trigger groups; top one is from a mixed serial number Model 17 Remington, middle one is from an Ithaca Model 37 w/ serial number 806XXX, and the bottom one from the Magnum Model 37 shown in a photo on the Forum earlier with a serial number in the late 1970s. Item #: Remington Model 11 Stock. I looked up the serial number after racking my brain trying to find it and the manufacturer date is 1939. After 1921, Remington employed a "date code" system which consists of a series of letters identifying the month and year of manufacture. The Ithaca 37 is a pump-action shotgun made in large numbers for the civilian, military, and police markets. I thought it was a 12 gauge but it seems it is a 10 gauge instead. The Best Gun Going: A Complete History of the Ithaca Model 37 and the Model 87”. Would be worth more in a 20Ga, 28Ga or 410 Bore. Ithaca Model 37 Serial Number Location Jul 18, 2009 The serial number on older model 37s will be in 2 places: 1. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. The Ithaca Model 37 in 28 gauge was introduced in 2009. Practically stole it for $275. Search: Ithaca Shotgun Serial Number. Add to Cart Remington 870 Express Magnum 12 Gauge (S13961) Price $495. Depending on its condition it is worth between $250-$350. 00 : model 37 ithaca gun company 20 ga english ultra featherlight feather weight rare 25 inch " barrel zeeland, mi 49464: used: 5/2/2022: $316. Ithaca Gun Company which imported from 1969 to 1978; Mitsui (Chicago, . And then NOBODY posted that 1911 end serial number was 104041 and 1912 year end serial number was 166538. I would also like to know the manufacture date of this rifle. ithaca model 37 bicentennial 12ga serial number usa1538 with case and papers 1776 to 1976 cententennial. 12a Remington Dates Model Number Serial [P6HX13] Dates to 1980 by serial number. In 1969 Browning started using two digits for the date of manufacture which was followed by a four digit code that identified the type of Auto-5: M=standard weight G=light weight This was then followed by the serial number beginning with 1000. The 12 gauge, which is the model I carry, comes in at a hearty seven pounds. Ithaca Model 37-T had a special serial number sequence and was discontinued in 1954. Enter the serial number (no spaces) of your firearm and click on "Search" to check the status of your firearms repair. You cannot use the charts for non-prefix numbers and expect a 'G' prefix. I have a Model 37 in 16 that dates to '57, also with a barrel marked "MOD". Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight. Some frames were manufactured in 2008,but the Ithaca Model 37 in 28 gauge was not. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. 03) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $529. Prefer FTF but will ship for actual shipping charges within PA. POLICE SPECIAL / MODEL 37 – FEATHERLIGHT – 12 GA. This is a non-rib barrel, Bluing is in good shape for the age and stock is perfect. The right side of the receiver is marked with the serial number. Ithaca Hi Grade Model 37 $1,000 Grade. Factory Prototype Model 37 Gas Operated Semi-Automatic Shotgun Serial Number EX1This shotgun is listed by serial . Currently I carry a 640, and the most accurate gun I own (and the easiest to shoot accurately) is a 1953 5-screw. Ithaca simplified the internals, in some ways for the better. One barrel or 100 barrels, please send copy of shotgun barrel inventory, you want to sell with prices. SERIES 3 BUTT STOCK IS FOR SERIAL NUMBER ABOVE 1,038,000. Ithaca model 37 Featherweight in 16 gauge. I have an Ithaca 37 that I bought a year ago for $120. It is fast-handling and will combine with the 37's notably smooth action and ability to slam-fire to make it a great gun for each of these purposes. If your serial number does not return a result, please call Customer Service at 229-235-4020 or 800-327-3776. Years ago, with a borrowed 20-gauge. Ithaca Model M-66 Super Single 20 ga. , Charles Lancaster, Joseph Lang, Marlin Firearms, Mauser Broomhandles, Parker Brothers Shotguns, Piotti, James Purdey, Remington Date . Serial number 2669404 is 9086 units beyond what is supposed to be the last pistol manufactured by Ithaca, and 24,209 short of the end of total Ithaca serial number assignment. The gun is in excellent original condition retaining 98% of the original blue and wood finishes. ****In 1974, Ithaca tried a design change in the shell stop system, which proved to be faulty. The threaded and fitted barrels remained the same. In 2006, the Model 37 was dropped from Smith & Wesson's catalog. The new style barrel threads go to the end of the barrel, and on the old style barrels the threads will stop short of the receiver end. They were serial numbered in the 902000-952000 range. A: On the Model 37®, the serial number is located on the bottom right side of the receiver or on earlier models the chamber end of the receiver . Ithaca Model 37 Featherweight Riot Slide Action Shotgun with U. The serial number is early four digit 1276. Return Policy: 3 day inspection and return policy on used guns. The system serial number can usually be found on a white sticker. Type: pump-action, bottom-ejecting shotgun. 95 by the end of that same year. : Manufacturing Location: Date of Manufacture: Time Since Manufacture:. Serial number 337 was shipped to and is engraved with his name. Year All Model Guns 1937 1 to 3,500. 00 when production resumed in 1946, and then to $70. I did both gun repair and sales. Remington Model 11 16 Gauge Serial Number Lookup The Collection - US Military Shotgun. The Model 17 was a 20-gauge of trim proportions, which Browning and Pedersen later redesigned and refined into the popular side-ejecting Remington Model 31. What year was the Ithaca shotgun serial number 10464 made? A model 37 with the serial # 10464 was produced in 1939. Beretta 21a serial number dates, beretta 21a serial number lookup. Whirlpool serial numbers follow a specific pattern. For a Serial Number lookup, be sure to enter the entire serial number. If you hold the trigger you can continually rack the pump. The second series had the letter "S" as a prefix to the serial number and was made from 1925 to 1932. valentine love images; synonyms for mountain peak. Without more info, that's all I can tell you. Ithaca Model 37 Military and Police (M&P) Ithaca Model 37 DS Police Special.