how to fix a wobbly tv tray table. Back this out about 1/8", cut the bit off about 1/16" from the surface. • Use Coffee Grinds To Cover Furniture …. Make your LEGO table chic by painting the TV tray …. At this diameter the maximum allowable gap would be: 0. The tables fit solidly on the floor and are not imbalanced or wobbly. After installing the legs, you will want to move the table without scratching your flooring. Check the drain pan under the refrigerator, on the left side, by removing the front grill. PTFE lubricant can also be used reduce the stickiness of the FEP fill. And helps to reduce neck fatigue when watching TV for long periods. Tips and Tricks about Task Disappeared Repairing. See more ideas about tv trays, tv tray table, tv tray makeover. Model: 385-744 Flail Trimmer Head Stihl 4003 710 2108, 385-744 Trimmer Heads & Parts (385-744) Your Price:. TV mounts also allow you to extend your TV over a table or a desktop, which gives you a better view when playing video games. Remove the loose caster, and tap the insert into the hole in the leg. For one, I can tell this specific monitor's stand is NOT that great when it comes to stability, when compared to Dell stands. Lateral stability is provided by the parallel tubes in which the two frames pivot. This inspection is very simple; you will not need any tools to complete it. If you're not concerned about the surface of your TV table, you might be able to drill the stand itself into the table. The formula for calculating bulk density: s b = m / V. Single-component sealing and bonding compound. Easy to clean, made of steel or aluminum, and easy to store, these TV trays will give you somewhere to put your dinner when eating in front of the TV…. Another option would be to build a set of nested tables that don't collapse at all, but which fit together …. iFixit is a global community of people helping each other repair things. First, the most obvious solutions are often the most common and can offer you a quick fix…. If the belt is just slightly loose…. Before installing the drill into the drilling machine spindle, clean the spindle socket and drill shank of all dirt, chips, and burrs. Samsung TVs come with a stand that has been specifically designed for your TV model and all the hardware you need for installation. 6 Ways to Repair Broken Plastic. Nonetheless, it's highly recommended …. Follow the steps given below: Step 1. A fast, easy and inexpensive solution, but only as strong as the material you are attaching the foot to. If any cable is loose, then it might lead to Samsung TV black screen of death fix. Reconnect the valve, turn on the water and restore the …. Step 1: Adjust the Base Rod and Nut. Would take to the dealer for warranty repair, but 1) can't get an appointment and 2) it's a 3 hour drive. Open up the dust collector and pour some out in a container. Read on to find out about using wall anchors and picture hangers in your home. This will serve as your guide throughout the entire cutting process of your log slice. Here are 2 more ways for how to fix …. Enjoy the freedom of taking this foldable tray table anywhere in your home. Carefully inspect the item for damaged reeds, and glue any broken pieces back into place with wood glue and let it dry. The DIY Guide to Finishing a Table Top. Wheelchair trays are not just for meals – they can provide a level of convenience and independence that cannot be achieved by using a fixed surface, like an independent table. This, of course, really depends on the value of …. How to Fix the Most Annoying Things in Windows 10. Remove the valve gently and flush the area with water to remove any debris. This product was designed specifically for Seatcraft home theater seats, and may …. It should turn pretty thick and very sticky. If these instructions do not match your product, or you are unable to find the information you need, please call customer service at 1 (888) 922 – 4119. When it does, locate the input button on your …. If you want to be sure the screws won't go anywhere, Gorilla glue! This stuff is marvelous and there is also a wood Gorilla glue I have tried too which is great. Pull on leather work gloves to protect your hands and hold a heat gun, set to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit, several inches above the affected area. Soft sitting space is paired with a special tray …. To fix the shelf height, unscrew the locking screws on the central shaft that hold each shelf, adjust the height, then tighten the screws again. The moss adds a pop of gorgeous green (I love this shade of emerald green!). Step 1: Gather the required tools. The insertable tray tables are loose, and one has completely fallen out. It is very important to update your TV's software to the latest version. Tighten all the screws connecting wires to the circuit breakers. Empty the resin vat and clean it very well with 95%+ IPA. Always undertake a test first on a small unobtrusive area. If you are using the spray lubricant, make sure to hold its nozzle closer to runners. Use this guide to properly dispose of old TVs. As Luke and Claire Staszak’s Chicago apartment shows, a single decor accent can be all it takes to make a statement on a coffee table. Tap the drawer face out gently with a hammer to get it loose…. One For All WM4471 Table Top Up To 65 Inch TV Stand. First, take your hand off the trigger, …. I made these TV trays 16 1/4 inches by 22 1/2 inches (finished) on top. The intense heat will instantly liquefy the soft plastic on either side, which will then merge together and reharden. Look for loose bolts or screws that can be tightened or joints that have become unglued. If you need to cut dozens of metal studs and tracks quickly, use a circular saw fitted with a toothless (Carborundum) metal-cutting blade ($7). Assembly instructions are in pdf format. The table measures 15" deep by 21" wide x 29. Here are 6 ways you can include a serving tray in your home decor. Since 1955, the AP Program has enabled …. Here's how to fix some of the more irritating quirks with Microsoft's latest operating system. from the table by the appropriate factor. Anyone wants to fix their wobbly monitor, TRY THIS FIRST! I've a LG34WN80C, great monitor and a cheap Flexispot 48×30″ EC-1 sit/stand desk. When the table is being moved, we want the position …. STEP 3: First buff using a mild abrasive, like toothpaste or baking soda. Our original and best-selling Table-Mate II tray table …. BEST FOR MULTIPURPOSE: Meco STAKMORE Straight Edge Folding. So don’t be afraid to use it! It’s your best friend in furniture repair …. To fix a corrupted external hard drive, you can do the following: 1. How to fix broken keyboard connector. To remove residue from wood without damaging the surface, either finished or unfinished, try these methods. 2 Trim the sides of the terminal with some wire cutters and try to push into the grooves again in the battery holder. Steps: 1 First, try and fit one of the terminals into the battery holder grooves. I decided to make my own, with a few modifications to suit my tastes, including. Remove the tray and then inspect the roller guide. To cut individual steel studs and tracks, use straight-cut aviation snips (Photo 1). Sliders can wear out from use and become loose and wobbly. Take the drawer out of the cabinet by removing all of the screws. Let's fix the world, one device at a time. Measure and mark the center of each table leg on the MDF. Well, pull that thing out of storage, because I’m going to show you how to fix …. How to Attach Table Legs: Instructions. A ¼” x 2” dowel screw is installed part-way into the foot, the remaining 7/8” of exposed threads allow you to screw the foot directly into the underside of your furniture. How to Restring a Badminton Racquet. The freezer temperature should be set between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to -15C) for the ice maker to work properly. In this case, you should wrap the warped wood with moist towels. If your TV has developed mechanical faults or is way past its heyday, it might be time to dispose of it. The compass designed top adds modern appeal to the set, which includes four foldable TV trays and one storage stand. Fix a screw to the work surface so that the run-ner (23) of the spring plate can be pushed in under the screw head. It has sturdy wooden legs and does not wobble. After about 15 minutes, the phone showed 6% battery. Here are 8 ways how to attach furniture feet: 1. Re-finish the damaged area or, if necessary, the entire surface or piece of furniture. With lots of room and a storage rack, you get ample extra space with this 5-piece TV tray …. If the phone is rooted, here is what you can do. Insert the laser lens cleaner into the DVD tray …. 25" high; the XL version (only in black) measures. Several geometries of folding table that can be collapsed into a smaller volume (e. Step 2: The screen dims, and a pop-up appears. When it does, locate the input button on your remote and select the …. Set your scrap piece of wood at the edge and clamp it in place to the saw table…. If there isn't electricity flowing into your …. Equally, if you want assistance with your installation, Samsung will help get your TV …. They're loose, and if you want the table to stop wobbling, you have to tighten them. Back this out about 1/8”, cut the bit off about 1/16” from the surface. In rare cases, the bobbin can be at fault if it has not been threaded properly. In many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified professional. In the new sub-menu windows, click Go, deselect all the active Add-ins, and click OK. BEST TO TUCK AWAY: Table-Mate II Folding TV Tray Table and Cup Holder. Troubleshooting a TV that won't turn on can be tricky. You can remove the motor from the underside of your table. With your iron on a dry low-to-medium setting, press over the towel (making sure the soleplate doesn't touch the …. Linon Lorie Wood Compass Five Piece Tray Table Set in Gray by Linon Home Decor Products (4) $199. While it's easy enough to drive a nail or screw into a stud, you may not know how to secure items to the wall between studs or in hard surfaces like brick or concrete. This will give you an indication of which leg is shorter than …. Wood filler works like magic and will still stand up to wear and tear. How to Quickly Fix DVD Drive Problems. If you're thinking of cutting the cord, Sling might be your best bet. I don't recall seeing any that weren't solid wood. 20 Coffee Table Decorating Ideas. Cleaning the rim (feed holes) and jet holes of your toilet: 2 2. From movie Mondays in the living room to a project in your home study, this TV tray table …. If you want a clean wire-free look behind your standing desk, you will also want to invest in cable ties and clips. Take a critical look at how your office desk is positioned within the room. Place the plastic piece in the water to warm it up. Cut all the way through and create lots of little discs, or. Move the nozzle in small circles to heat the. Wood movement across the grain, again based on North …. You will not be able to use glue because it won't stick to the melamine. Step 1: Where to Put a Console Table. Base Material: Manufactured wood. But if the PC can detect the internal drive, repairing the damaged internal hard drive is independent of the power supply. How to Restring Your Lacrosse Stick. Whether with a colorful tray or a bold book, a lone (but attractive) decorative object can make a big impact on your coffee table …. Select a side on each board to serve as the top part of your table…. Restart the touchscreen by selecting the top option. Habitat Brodi Petrol Blue Removeable Tray Top Side Table. Four legs are required for each TV tray. LORYERGO TV Tray - TV Table, Adjustable Tray for Eating, Folding Table Trays, w/6 Height & 3 Tilt Angle, w/Cup Holder, Dinner Tray for Eating on Couch, Laptop Tray for Bed & Couch Adjustable TV Trays - TV Tray Tables on Bed & Sofa, Adjustable Laptop Table as TV Food Tray, Work Tray with 6 Heights & 3 Tilt Angles Adjustable by HUANUO (2 Pack). Straight and Angled Metal Plates. • Use Coffee Grinds To Cover Furniture Scratches. It features a durable, round walnut base and a supportive frame. Picking the right primer will save you time by eliminating the need for many coats of paint. Did you find what you were looking for? yes no. Theses tray tables are available in 2 finishes both of which give it a distressed look adding some visual depth. When the dowel in a piece of furniture snaps, you need to replace the little piece of doweling in order to repair your furniture. The cups have a small cylindrical nub that sits in a hole you will have to drill for each cup. • How To Cover Up Dings in Wooden Furniture. The desk is saying "this is too much work for me to go higher," and to protect its components, it shuts off. What happened is that the hole in the top of the leg had gotten stripped out so it would screw in, but it wouldn't ever screw tight. Easy steps to proceed with Word repair tool: Download the software on Windows computer where inaccessible Word document is saved; Install and …. If you have any type of lock (Eg: Pattern, password, fingerprint, or PIN) in your phone …. Round all edge corners with a router as was done with the leg attachment pieces in step 3. What happened is that the hole in the top of the leg had gotten stripped out so it would screw in, but it wouldn’t ever screw tight. Find expert advice along with How To videos and articles, including instructions on how to make, cook, grow, or do almost anything. Sand all edges, and wipe with a damp cloth. Keep them on the frame overnight to dry. EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Install the sofa desk underneath the feet of most four-legged lit chairs, recliners, couches, or sofas with feet ranging 25. How to Attach Table Legs: A DIY Guide. "Fixing" it will probably cost about as much as the shelf costs - effectively doubling it's cost. Thus, I will be returning the ones I bought and trying out a competitor. With the suction cups, the table …. This tidy table can hold up to 40 pounds. 8 Easy Ways To Attach Table Legs. This video has some great tips for replacing a dinette with table …. Geoffrey Morrison is a writer. The command chkdsk is used to check the file system and status of system drive, then it will fix …. Two More Tips for Repairing Corrupted External Hard Drive. Use your tape measure to your desired width from the blade. Natural finish is lovely for matching with your décor. If your ice maker has frozen up, take the following steps to thaw it out: Unplug the refrigerator or turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to it. Take the item out of the hot water bath periodically and test it’s malleability. 10 Common Problems of Ceiling Fans: How to Fix. For a good result when refinishing wood, leave the stripper on for between five and 30 minutes until the finish - a mix of old varnish and polish - has dissolved. To re-install the trigger, put back the cable on the hole where you removed it. But a floor-standing table this product most certainly is not. PJ Wood Folding TV Tray & Snack Table - Espresso. If you like junk TV, this is it!. Before we begin moving the table, we have the following. Folding Pair 8 Inch Solid Brass Drop Front Desk Lid Stays S-1749-8P. Available in a variety of heights, each serving tray stand enables convenient tableside access, ultimately saving table space. Caster Specs At A Glance - Wheel diameter: This describes the size of the caster. If they are made of wood or plastic, look for cracks in the structure. Millions of quality OEM replacement parts, repair videos, instructions, and same-day shipping available!. You will need scissors, manicure scissors are best for detail, or a box cutter to cut the damaged strips. The best way to fix your nozzle hitting your prints or bed is to …. For a good result when refinishing wood, leave the …. I had originally envisioned just a table-top ironing surface; kind of just a square piece of wood wrapped in batting. The Most Common Xbox Series S Problems and How to Fix Th…. Place the platter upside down on a flat surface. First, you need to gather the tools to fix the plastic wicker furniture. High temperature design, very safe and environmentally friendly, the table legs can be raised and lowered, the column wheel also includes a locking piece for fixing …. Sofa Chair Arm Rest Tv Tray Table Stand. Don’t Throw Away Your Old TV, Give It Away Instead. Here's the link for the part on Plastic Repair - How To Fix a Composite Headlight with a Hot Stapler from Eastwood. If your desk is trying to support too much weight, an overload can occur. Measure from the wall the width of the bookcase, cut away the padding, then insert shims for the …. If your TV is connected to the internet, you can check for available updates through the TV settings. Try to pick a surface that is as flat as possible so your tabletop is even as well. For more permanent installation, simple metal brackets can be purchased from any hardware store. Apply varnish with a brush and spray lacquer, if possible. As a WordPress site developer or webmaster, a terrifying situation is when your site is down. Attach 2x2s lengthwise to the bottom of the boards adjoining the center board with 2½” screws. Using a fatter screw or shoving matchsticks into the hole might work, but here's a sure fix…. If the freezer temperature is …. If the hole is in wood, break off the end of a wooden match stick or skewer into the hole (or several if necessary for a larger hole) before reinstalling the screw. Tighten everything up you find. Replacement lacing for zero gravity chair. Here are four ultimate solutions to air fryer power problems, and there are four of them. Smooth the Resin Wood Filler Furniture Repair with Sandpaper. Then flake off the old chipping area. Use them to secure your RV furniture to the floor. You can use this Sofa Arm Tray to organize your favorite TV accessories and hold your cell phone. In some instances the threaded hanger bolt will be bent and need to be replaced. Fix a tumble dryer Service your car Mend a vacuum Repair a mower Fix my dishwasher Mend your TV Attempting repairs can be dangerous. A TV tray table, TV dinner tray, or personal table is a type of collapsible furniture that functions as a small and easily portable, folding table. In Windows XP and earlier, click …. The tray tables have been made using manufactured wood. “I can't figure out how to attach the stand legs to my 55LF621U19 Toshiba TV set. The price point is double the worth of this table in my opinion. bench I decided to tighten up all of the joints so it doesn't wobble any more too!. You should now be able to see …. How to Stop Screws From Loosening. Slide the drawer in and out of the cabinet. Jan 11, 2017 - Explore Larry Koepke's board "TV Tray Tables" on Pinterest. It would start and run if you set the choke open and held the throttle wide open. 34 tips for glass-smooth tabletop finishing perfection How to Sand Wood Faster. Well, if above methods do not work, you can try to update OS and applications to the latest version. I knocked this table over doing some house cleaning a broke the hinge pin out of the wood, so here I do a quick fix to get it back in service. We've shown you how to remove a stripped screw with a rubber band, but once you get it out, that hole may not be suitable for another screw, since it'll be too loose…. Your dehumidifier could also have loose …. To remove adhesive residue from metal, you should try using rubbing alcohol, or isopropyl, first. Based on a wobble going toward the black chair, then yes, the triangular braces between the table top and the legs will resolve the wobble. Be sure to restart your Samsung Galaxy A32 once and check if your problem is fixed. Simply apply the superglue onto the rubber wedge, lift up the table leg, place the rubber wedge onto the edge of the leg and keep the wedge . A screwdriver Glue A universal blade Rubber wedges 1. Let the table dry according to the directions on the stain’s packaging. 28 LEGO Tables with Storage We Love. The most common problem that we face for an old zero gravity chair is that its cord gets loose …. The feet that come with the tv are garbage. A pair of winding sticks very easily helps you identify bows or twists. Line the MDF sheet up with the table top. At the time when you have plugged it correctly, leave it for a while to have it come up. Use an acid-free glue, such as Yes Paste ($16. Because you can easily locate the nut inside the …. That's why the first thing you should do is turn your table over and examine the legs. Aidapt Folding Wooden Bed Tray…. The cooling fan is located inside the cabinet and is used to cool …. Swivel Tray Tables for home theater seating. Apply with a cotton ball and let it soak in. To replace a lamp socket, follow these steps: Unplug the lamp. The most common reasons are the capacitor and LED driver going bad. They are wobbly, is there a fix for this. Lay the MDF sheet on top of the table legs. The rest of the legs, which will be fixed to the ground in this experiment, will be designated with LEG 2, LEG 3, and LEG 4, like in the drawing below. Slide a bar of soap over the tracks, then replace the drawer. Turning an old TV tray into a shabby chick farmhouse-style table is . My preference for something like this is varnish to bring out the natural . The goal is to buff the crack quickly with a higher and higher grit. Schluter ® -KERDI-FIX is a single-component sealing and bonding compound with a silane-modified polymer base. 2013 Sync/Nav/Sony No Audio Solved. It's best to start from scratch, which means unplugging everything from the power strip and separating all the cables. Habitat Bournemouth Tray Coffee Table - Dark Grey. How to prevent extruder blob from happening: Check the first layer - Since an improper first layer is the source of extruder blob in most of the cases, make 100% sure that the first layer is sticking properly to the entire print surface. These flubs from some of your favorite shows stand out as the most infamous mistakes of all time. STEP 9: Replace the power button …. On square coffee tables, try dividing the surface into quadrants and display an arrangement of four main items: A stack of books, a tall plant, a tray…. Tighten the screws securing any mounting brackets to the table bottom using a slotted or Phillips screwdriver. Try these quick tricks: nudge / slide the laser assembly back and forth in its track, using your finger or some sort of plastic tool like a …. However, I have seen some as tall as 22″ and as low as 12. This part lies directly under the glass tray and helps this tray …. Reinsert the disc and try again. • Touch-Up Wood Markers by Sharpie. Remove SIM card from your Samsung Galaxy A32 device and insert the SIM again. Vaunn Medical Deluxe Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table …. The portable, adjustable, multi-functional table! When you don't have the right table for the job at hand, it can be a real nightmare. Insert the caster into the sleeve. The cabling outside is, of course, the most susceptible to degradation. When both these functionalities are combined together an IoT device is formed. Create radish roses by washing the radishes and cutting their tops off. Shop our selection of quality folding tables and chairs available in a variety of styles and sizes to complement your décor. BEST PERSONAL DINING: Flash Furniture 24RND Plastic Fold Table. This Portable Table Tray is the perfect solution. Thread a bodkin or safety pin with a long length of quarter inch or so elastic and pull it all the way through. Most furniture has a veneer covering. This product was designed specifically for Seatcraft home theater seats, and may not fit as intended on other chair brands. This step is to make sure your cabinet is well-set and adjusted. Turn ON airplane mode for 30 seconds, and after a few seconds, turn it OFF again. Select it and press down on the power button. Whether you're eating, reading or playing a game, Portable Table Ray is a portable table that makes everything more enjoyable and more comfortable. Winter snuck up on us in New Hampshire the other day. Step 1 – Remove Drawer & Old Drawer Slides. How to Repair a Drawer Track & Slides. Moving your desk can give you a whole new …. Working on your laptop is no problem with this sturdy table, but the tray is also a great makeshift dinner table for when you’re watching TV on the couch. My only complaint is that it's pretty wobbly …. A ¼" x 2" dowel screw is installed part-way into the foot, the remaining 7/8" of exposed threads allow you to screw the foot directly into the underside of your furniture. Find expert advice along with How To videos and articles, including instructions …. Let the stain soak into the wood for just a few minutes before wiping it off with a clean towel. For a start, despite the implications otherwise - both in the ad and on the enclosed instructions - it is not high enough for anyone sitting in a standard-sized chair to comfortably use as a laptop table. I like to use them to fill any awkward, empty spaces on walls. Hello All, The theater seating in our 2020 2512S is already falling apart. If the soapy water hasn’t drained into it, you still have a …. You can stop leaks yourself-no experience necessary. Make sure your laptop is connected to the docking station securely. Verify that the input is put in properly. Garnish the catering tray with edible decor items. After the glue dried, I attached the aprons to form a tray. Latitude Run Vincente Folding Tray Table at Wayfair The strong joints secure the metal base to prevent wobbling, and maintenance is as . This, of course, really depends on the …. For this, you'll need an adjustable wrench, and it's a lot easier to do if you turn the table upside down. Recliner chair that eliminates stress and improves relaxation. And the spice rack! It’ll be a two-for since they’re smaller pieces. A marker costs about $6 at home centers, and the stain …. By “changing the size of an existing column”, I mean changing the data size. Microwave Glass Tray for Kenmore, LG and Sears- 12. If you have any loose joint of this construction simply squeeze some wood glue/ PVA glue as deep into the joint as you can get it, too much glue is better than too little as you can always remove any. Click on File tab, click Options, and select Add-ins. Round one end of each leg with a bandsaw or a jig or sabre saw. level to make sure mine was in line. The phrase tray-table can also refer to a fold-away tray, such as those found. If these instructions do not match your product, or you are unable to find the information you need, please call customer service at 1 (888) 922 - 4119. The legs of these tables slide or roll beneath a bed or chair, providing a stable table-top above which can be easily maneuvered into position. The size of the chimney will determine how much it will cost to replace a chimney flue or lining. And if you have an extra length of wire, consider …. Every height adjustable table has a maximum lifting capacity. Try flipping them over and checking all screws, bolts, hinges, slides, anything that involves movement or track. If that doesn’t work, it is time to resort to the DVD emergency eject. Dust with rye flour, cut a deep cross in the top – go at least halfway through – and bake for 25-30 minutes until risen and golden brown. (Later in the post, I’ll give specifics on how to decorate an entry table …. On some Samsung tablets, the Backup and Reset item is found on the General tab. Once your wicker furniture is clean and dry, the next step is to prep it for a paint job. Another alternative is ADB and Fastboot tool …. All of rivets I have found are not long enough to go through two 1-inch legs (but commercial tray table legs are about this thickness, and the metal fasteners exist). The tabletops are good-sized and adequate to fit a dinner plate and a drink. The red arrow indicates the radius. 4: This will help you to clear the cache. Then wipe off the tray with a static free rag. Tap a sleeve into each hole using a hammer and then insert. Click or double-click the System icon. Adding thread locking glue will aid in the creation of friction to keep the screw tight. Rinse the stains immediately with cool water, then pat the tray dry. How to Fix a Microwave Turntable Motor. - Swivel radius: The minimum clearance required for a swivel-type caster to rotate a full 360°. This is actually an easy fix, but it requires a few steps: From the Xbox One dashboard, hit the Menu button to bring up the Settings. I score the veneer well above the …. Western Saddle Fender Replacement. Put your cover on your table, pull the elastic relatively tight, and tie a square knot. Step 1 – Size the overcurrent device in accordance with 210. Pre-drill and screw one 2 1/2″ wood screw into each table …. The first method to fix your bent wood is to use winding sticks. It's great for your laptop, tablet or any special project. Launch the Mixed Reality Portal from the Start menu, desktop, or taskbar. from your sheet of plywood using a table saw or circular saw. Using a multimeter check the outlet voltage. Stools come in all heights, but shorter 16-inch to 18-inch high stackable-style stools may work best for coffee table use. You can stop right there if you want to, but you can also unplug everything from the other end and completely throw all the cables off to the side for a completely clean slate. When the table is being moved, we want the position of LEG 1 to lie above the position where LEG 2 initially was, moving LEG 2 where LEG 3 was, and so on. Your home can benefit from repurposing items or giving them a makeover. Nearly every commercial folding tv tray table uses these metal fasteners, but I have had no luck searching for them.